The Tales from the Crypt Video Game We Almost Got

The scariest story of them all is Tales from the Crypt's disappearing legacy.

YouTube channel CryptTube has uncovered information on a Tales from the Crypt video game that never was. The channel got hold of some CGI concept shots and artwork from Tales artist Mike Vosburg, who claimed to have done quite a bit of early work for the project back in the ’90s. That concept art includes a mix of familiar HBO Tales from the Crypt settings and some art that suggests the game would have utilized original stories and perhaps even stories from the original comics.

The channel’s host even reached out to Cryptkeeper actor John Kassir to ask him if he remembers doing any voice work for the game. Kassir confirmed – in a very punny way – that he did record some lines for the game and that he was sad that it never got released.

Unfortunately, neither Kassir or Vosburg shared any information about what kind of game the adaptation would have been. We see some heavy ’90s CGI that suggests it might have been a point-and-click adventure game divided into some traditional Tales from the Crypt anthology stories. However, that is all speculation.

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What is a little more certain is what ultimately happened to the game. Vosburg doesn’t remember the company he initially worked with, but he does remember that they were bought out by a larger company who ultimately decided to cancel the game before it was completed. Vosburg suggested the title was quite far along in development, but it’s unclear just how playable the title was before it was canceled.

Oh well. Toss this on the “Tales from the Crypt can’t catch a break” pile next to the failed reboot and the fact that the show still isn’t available through HBO’s streaming services.