The Shannara Chronicles Canceled After Two Seasons

Epic fantasy adaptation The Shannara Chronicles won't be making the journey from Spike TV to the new Paramount network

Spike TV is rebranding to Paramount Network and in the process it’s leaving some shows behind. 

The Shannara Chronicles will be one of those shows, Paramount Network President Kevin Kay revealed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. 

“Maybe (production company Sonar Entertainment) is going to take it somewhere else,” Kay told “For us, we passed on the future of that.”

Sonar Entertainment is indeed shopping season 3 of the show to other networks and streaming services.

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And it’s worth noting that The Shannara Chronicles has survived a network change already before – switching from MTV to Spike TV between its first and second seasons. Still, this cancellation seems like it will stick, given the show’s poor ratings. 

The Shannara Chronicles is a fantasy series from Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. It’s based on the classic trilogy of novels by Terry Brooks, starting with The Sword of Shannara in 1977. 

Set in the fictional Four Lands, The Shannara Chronicles made it through a portion of Brooks’s Lord of the Rings-inspired tale prior to its cancellation. The first season was well-received and was seen as a viable Game of Thrones-esque property for the teenage crowd.

Now any fans interested in finding out what happens next will have to do the repugnant and unthinkable: read a book.