The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a reprieve?

Could Fox have just given the under-threat Sarah Connor Chronicles a lifeline?

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: leaked early...

Last week, we were reporting the staggering news that one of the finest shows currently running on US TV is under threat, just a few episodes into its second season. The Sarah Connor Chronicles is, as our reviews have been reporting, bubbling up exceptionally well, but it seems that Fox may have been willing to sacrifice it to help prolong the life of Prison Break a little more.

However, since then, it seems that ratings for the show have been the up, and this has raised hopes that the show may run for longer than its 13-episode second season order thus far. In the first clear sign that it may yet have a future, Fox has now reportedly ordered two more scripts for the show. While this isn’t the full-on order for the back nine episodes of season two, it’s a significant step in the right direction, for a show that many thought may be canned within days rather than weeks earlier this month.

Fascinatingly, the quite spectacularly awful Knight Rider reboot has also got the go ahead for another four scripts. Despite reviews that are best described as ‘testing’, the show has been bringing in the ratings numbers. Lordy…


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