The road ahead for 24, Lost, Galactica The Office and more

The WGA strike may well be in its final days, but what's the fate for all the TV shows that were affected?

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24

With the Writers’ Strike coming to an end in the States, it means that several shows are suddenly set to leap back into life. But with optimistic estimates settings weeks before new episodes can be made, there’s still some waiting to be done for fans of the many assorted shows affected by the strike. Here’s the state of play with some of our favourites…

Battlestar GalacticaThat fourth series is looming, and frankly, we can’t wait. Can. Not. Wait. Anyway, it’s still believed to be on schedule, and coming to screens shortly. Hurray! On the downside, the second half of the final season won’t now hit screens until next year. Boo!

LostEight episodes were completed before the strike was over, and the original plan was for the fourth series to run to sixteen. The likelihood is that we’ll see more episodes made, but whether than covers the originally planned number is less sure. Expect a sizeable mid-season break at best.

24Fox won’t show 24 in anything other than a straight run, and while a good chunk of the seventh season was in the can pre-strike, it’s almost certain that Jack Bauer won’t be back this year. Expect a January 2009 kick-off.

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Prison BreakNot a huge fan of this, although enjoyed season one, but the rumour is it may be heading for the can permanently…

The OfficeProbably the most nimble show on our watch list, and able to get up and running quicker than most. The Office could be back on the telly before the end of March, if they get a crack on.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesThe future of the show is still uncertain right now, and a call will be made regarding its future in the next couple of months. Thought: if it’s cancelled, and the current vogue is to send the studio a related ‘gift’ by way of protest, what on earth can you send them from Sarah Connor?

Bionic WomanIt seems fairly certain that the modern-day Bionic Woman has fought her last battle. Hope not, though.

We’ll keep you posted as to what develops….