The Purge Preview: A Look At The Insane Carnival of Flesh

Real-life horrors are mined for Purge Night hijinks on the next episode of The Purge.

Just hearing the words “Carnival of Flesh” is enough to send shivers down your spine. Entering the grounds is like opening a real-life history book of gruesome mass murders. Den of Geek visited the set of The Purge TV series this summer and got a first-look at what’s easily the most chilling concept in the franchise, set to be introduced in episode four. Somehow, we made it out alive.

The “Carnival of Flesh” is exactly what it sounds like. Purgers can buy victims and put them through elaborate methods of murder in a fun, carnival atmosphere. The victims are sold to Purgers at an auction while being herded like cattle. All of it is historically based; Purgers can burn someone at the stake in the Witch Trials zone; stone someone to death in a cave; fire on them in a Vietnam simulator; or go medieval and torture their victims to death. It’s another way the series is using real-life horrors to express that the show’s dystopia isn’t so far fetched.

“In the Carnival of Flesh everything you see in there is based on historical stuff,” actor Gabriel Chavarria, who plays Miguel, told us. “It just kind of makes you realize this has happened before.” 

You can see for yourself in the clip and images below. “Carnival of Flesh” becomes a reality on this week’s episode of The Purge, which airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on USA.

Check out some set photos courtesy of USA: 

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