The OA Season 2 Renewal Confirmed by Netflix

Netflix has renewed its recent surprise supernatural drama The OA for Season 2.

While Netflix tends to keep a tight lid on premiere dates for its original content until shortly before they arrive, the streaming giant really dropped a bombshell last December when, after only a few oblique social media teases, they debuted the trailer for mysterious supernatural series The OA the week of the show’s premiere. Having resonated with audiences, Netflix has no need for more PR cloak and dagger when it comes to The OA, since they just greenlit Season 2!

The OA Season 2 is officially a go over at Netflix. The series’ 8-episode surprise debut arrived on December 16, 2016 on the back of little to no context or promotion. However, the Netflix offering proved to be an intriguing supernatural exploration of a different kind of “upside down,” specifically the pierced veil separating life and death. Moreover, it turned out to be an impressive showcase for the talent spectrum of its star Brit Marling, especially since she co-created the series (with Zal Batmanglij), executive-produced and wrote most of the episodes.

The OA centers on young Missouri woman Prairie Johnson (Marling) who – missing since age 7 – mysteriously resurfaces. Previously blind, she now possesses sight and odd scar markings on her back. However, as Prairie – who now calls herself “The OA” – deals with a flood of memories, she remains mum about her ordeal to authorities and her adopted parents in father Abel, played by Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) and mother Nancy, played by Alice Krige (Tyrant). However, she relays the truth to a group of locals, notably Homer, played by Emory Cohen (Brooklyn) and sets out on a mission to retrieve people who went missing in similar circumstances as her. It is learned that her odd ordeal connects to an experiment dealing with the near-death unlocking of dormant abilities. Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter films), Phyllis Smith (The Office), Patrick Gibson (The Tudors) and Brenden Meyer (Mr. Young) also appear on the series.

The OA Season 2 Trailer

While no substantive details have been officially offered when it comes to The OA Season 2, Netflix, in a move mirroring their equally-quick Season 2 renewal of Stranger Things, released a teaser trailer confirming a billed “Part II” of The OA, filled with dark, vague imagery.

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Of course, the series has only just begun to peel its layers. The ongoing intrigue of the series lies in the fact that Prairie/The OA may not necessarily be telling the whole truth and contextual twists on what little we know still possibly lie ahead. However, exactly when we’ll get to see that in The OA Season 2 on Netflix remains just as much of a mystery.