The Man in the High Castle Hashtag Rouses Political Furor

Oops! A publicity campaign on Twitter for The Man in the High Castle is mistakenly taken seriously by Trump supporters.

When Julianna visited the American Reich in The Man in the High Castle season 2, she was pleased to hear pirate radio playing music from the neutral zone, but she probably never envisioned “resistance radio” crossing over into our reality. That’s exactly what happened when Amazon’s publicity campaign from SXSW tapped into today’s political tensions with its #ResistanceRadio hashtag on Twitter.

Some conservative Twitter users, likely used to the deluge of liberal tweets urging those dissatisfied with Trump’s presidency to “resist,” thought that Amazon’s fictional website,, was set up to denounce the Republican leadership rather than to promote The Man in the High Castle season 3. With the Nazis being in charge of half of America in the series, based on a Philip K. Dick science fiction tale, the freedom fighters on the website were singing a familiar refrain, perhaps eerily applicable to real life.

One fed-up but confused person decrying the hashtag insisted, “#ResistanceRadio is my new favorite hashtag. Love listening to the Everyone Gets a Trophy HRC supporters cry about Trump. Very Entertaining!” Several others asked the question, “What are they resisting?” not realizing, of course, that in this case, the German and Japanese occupying forces from The Man in the High Castle were the obvious if only slightly more oppressive answer.

The irony was not lost on those liberal members of the social media service, who have been known to liken Trump’s nationalist agenda to the familiar albeit more extreme rhetoric used by the fascists of the mid-20th century. “If there’s a fake radio station about resisting Nazis and you take it personally, what does it say about you?” asked one user.

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The #ReistanceRadio hashtag was actually in use before the SXSW junket and newly established website for The Man in the High Castle season 3 arrived, but the campaign has received temporary new life by way of the heightened sensitivities of our current political climate. Perhaps that’s why the series resonates so well with its viewers and why it may have no trouble finding success in its third season to come.

[SOURCE: The Washington Post]