The Life And Times Of Tim gets second season

Steve Dildarian's ill-at-ease New Yorker gets renewed life on HBO and heads for the UK...

The Life And Times Of Tim

US animated show The Life And Times Of Tim has been picked up by HBO and will receive a second season.

The cult show, created by Steve Dildarian (also the voice of the title character), has gained much praise and the first season, comprised of 10 half-hour episodes, finished late last year in the US. It’s not known how many episodes will make up the second season.

The show chronicles the misadventures of New Yorker Tim and his girfriend Amy (Mary Jane Otto), who find awkward situations seem to gravitate towards them.

Life and Times Of Tim was originally developed for Fox, and its success with HBO has convinced Virgin1 to purchase it for the UK, broadcasting in “Winter 2009”.

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12 January 2009