The Jetsons Live Action TV Series Gets Pilot Order

Robert Zemeckis is involved with, wait for it, a Jetsons reboot.

Is it time to meet George Jetson again? Warner Bros. has been making noises about some kind of The Jetsons reboot for years now, with plans at one point involving some kind of (likely animated) big screen revival. But it looks like we’re getting a different kind of take on the characters this time around, and I have to confess, it sounds kinda cool.

TV Line reported that Warner Bros. is looking to bring back The Jetsons as a live action sitcom. Gary Ganetti (Family Guy) is apparently the EP in charge, but he’s got some firepower backing him up, including Back to the Future’s Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke also on board as executive producers, with Jackie Levine as co-EP.

Variety reports that The Jetsons now has a put pilot order from ABC. So this pilot is definitely getting made, and the network will have to pay a penalty if it isn’t picked up to series. In other words, this is all but guaranteed to happen now.

There aren’t any other details about what to expect from this live action version of everybody’s favorite futuristic family, and there’s certainly no pilot order imminent, nor is there a network attached. But this news comes at a time when genre comedy is in its ascendancy, with shows like People of Earth and Stan Against Evil, not to mention the upcoming Fox space opera The Orville from Seth MacFarlane, blending high production value sci-fi and horror with their comedic elements. A smart take on The Jetsons might just fit in…

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