The InBetween TV Series Brings Psychic Mediums to NBC

Detectives turn to psychic mediums to interview the witnesses caught in The InBetween on new NBC series.

Ghostly visitations are more common than it may seem. Emergency workers, newly bereaved widows and widowers, and certainly soldiers are as likely to see the dead as the kid from The Sixth Sense. Ghost whispering will be available very soon on at least a weekly basis. As often as you like if you want to conjure them On Demand. NBC ordered new medium series The InBetween, according to Variety.

The InBetween is a cop show with a twist. Law enforcement doesn’t always have to rely on survivors to get the story. They can go to Carrie Bishop, played by Harriet Dyer, a psychic medium who talks with those who have passed. She is recruited, though not on Craigslist because she is a reluctant communicator, by her friend Detective Tom Hackett, played by Paul Blackthorne, in his first post-Arrow casting, to solve a murder case. The detective is partnered with FBI Agent Damien Asante, who is played by Yusuf Gatewood from The Originals in the pilot. That role is currently being recast.

The InBetween will also feature Anne-Marie Johnson (JAG), Cindy Luna (The Last Ship) and Chad James Buchanan (Star).  The series is being executive produced by writer Moira Kirland (Madam Secretary, Castle).

Haley Joel Osment played a reluctant medium in M. Night Shyamalan’s debut film that spawned the Spoiler-Free label. While his therapist, played by Bruce Willis, searches for psychological causes like flashbacks or intrusive memories he ignores all the clues, sprinkled in red all over the set. Chinese metaphysicians believe most of the people who are born with the preexisting supernatural condition are that way because they lack the Fire element, or Bazi, from their Chinese astrology birth chart. These lucky, or unlucky, few are born in the winter months.

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But recent homicide victims might not be the most reliable witnesses even to their own deaths. “The recently deceased can be so traumatized they don’t even know that they are dead,” says paranormal expert Marie Bargas, the Hollywood Witch. “Hence, they end up haunting because they just want to be seen.”

A victim of a crime may bring certain personal biases to a regular cop procedure. “The knowledge can be filtered through trauma or they may have their own agenda,” Bargas says. “Why do people assume that the dead are stupid?”

Stiil, Bargas believes “law enforcement calls in psychics more than they care to admit.”

The InBetween is NBC’s sixth drama order for next season. They recently picked up The Village, and the medical procedural New Amsterdam, dramas The Gilded Age, Manifest, and The Enemy Within, and comedies Abby’s and I Feel Bad.