The Grange Hill Trivia Quiz

To celebrate this week's arrival of Grange Hill on DVD, we've got 20 questions to test even the most dedicated fans of the programme...

Roland Browning

Finally. Finally. This week, the first four series of Grange Hill have made it onto DVD, and we’re celebrating in the way we best know how – by having a big quiz! Answers as usual to please; even if you don’t get them all, you may still win a prize…

 The Grange Hill Trivia Quiz

1.    Where did Danny Kendall die?

2.    Which two characters got engaged, and planned to get married, but never did?

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3.    Mr Griffiths wasn’t a fan of Ro-land Browning’s donkey. But what was the donkey called?

4.    Mr Hopwood and Mr McGuffy were two of the more popular teachers. But what were their nicknames?

5.    What was the first name of the following teachers: Mrs  McCluskey, Mr Bronson, Mr Baxter?

6.    Who were the two headteachers before Mrs McCluskey?

7.    Which character’s mother was a teacher at the school?

8.    What was the name of Tucker’s spin-off programme?

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9.    What was the name of the boy who drowned in the swimming pool?

10.    Mr Robson eventually became head of Grange Hill. But what did he initially teach?

11.    Who lent Zammo the money to get his last drugs fix before he was found on the floor?

12.    What links Suzanne Ross, Tucker Jenkins and Sean Maguire?

13.    The Grange Hill computer game was based around which two characters?

14.    Which Oscar-winning director worked as script editor on Grange Hill in the 1980s?

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15.    Gripper Stebson was suspended for fighting in the common room with which entrepreneurial character?

16.    Who were the Terrahawk Witches?

17.    Claire Scott and Stewpot were always the happy couple, until Stewpot had a fling with someone else. Who?

18.    Trevor Cleaver was warned by Mauler McCall not to go to the end of year fancy dress party dressed as which movie character?

19.    Which girl did Mr King meet outside of school, forcing him to resign?

20.    Which character tried to kill himself by throwing himself in front of a car in his first year at Grange Hill?

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While we’re here, here are the answers to our Movie Franchise Trivia Quiz…

1. 14 actors who have appeared in at least two trilogies. Pick from this lot:Talia Shire (Godfather/Rocky)Matt Damon (Bourne/Ocean’s)Mel Gibson (Mad Max/Lethal Weapon)Eddie Murphy (Shrek/Beverly Hills Cop)Orlando Bloom (Pirates/Lord of the Rings)Hugo Weaving (Matrix/Lord of the Rings)Mike Myers (Shrek/Austin Powers)Jackie Chan (Police Story/Rush Hour)Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones/Star Wars)James Earl Jones (Jack Ryan/Star Wars)Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry/Dollars)Sylvester Stallone (Rocky/Rambo)Michael J Fox (Back to the Future/Stuart Little)Ian McKellen (X-men, Lord of the Rings)Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Spider-man)

2. The Naked Gun

3. Julia Roberts

4. Paul McGann, Alien 3

5. 13 years

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6. Robert Burke and Peter Weller

7. They each changed director for the third instalment

8. Michael Gough

9. Major League

10. Posey was an actress playing Cox-Arquette’s character


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