The Flash Season 5: Barry Allen to Get New Costume

The Flash Season 5 gives Barry a new, even more comic book accurate costume!

Barry Allen is ditching the leather that has defined his TV look in favor of a new, more lightweight Flash costume, and one that brings him even closer to his comic book roots. The Flash TV costume has been evolving since season one, where it was initially a much darker, blood red, with a slightly more bulky helmet, and a different logo. Over time, the color has gotten lighter, the yellow-on-red lightning emblem has been replaced with a more comics accurate yellow-on-white, and overall, there has been a move towards giving Barry more freedom of movement, as befits someone who is known for running around at great speed.

But this latest redesign might be the best one yet, ditching the leather that has defined so many of the Arrowverse superhero costumes in favor of lighter, more high-tech materials.

Check it out…

Now, if only they would give him yellow boots, we’d really be in business. But even without that, this immediately becomes one of the best superhero costumes on TV.

The idea that Barry would get a new suit was first teased in The Flash Season 5 trailer, where Nora Allen gives Barry a ring as a solution to his lack of costume (it had been destroyed at the end of the season four finale). That ring is another big deal for fans, as in the comics, Barry used chemicals to hyper-compress a costume into it for a quick change. It’s not clear yet if this new suit actually physically exists in the ring, or if it allows Barry to store a costume somewhere in the Speed Force, or if this new suit is something created entirely via Speed Force energy and the ring just acts as a channel or focus.

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Grant Gustin also revealed a slightly less official look at the suit, but there’s a lot to that, as well…

When unofficial set pics of the suit leaked last week, Gustin found himself on the wrong end of body-shaming trolls, who complained that the actor isn’t ripped enough to play a superhero like Flash. Gustin eloquently responded to the “controversy” (spoiler: it’s not a controvery) via Instagram, as well. Of course, as with many similar issues, people who have an issue with Gustin’s physicality with the role have clearly not paid attention to the character’s comic book history, where from the earliest days when illustrated by co-creator Carmine Infantino, Barry Allen has always been a more lithe hero, less musclebound than his peers, with a physique more representative of a middle or long distance runner than a bodybuilder. In other words, Grant has nothing to worry about.

The Flash Season 5 arrives on October 9.

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