The Flash: Major Storyline From the Comics Teased

Maybe by the time we get to The Flash season 3 or 4, we'll get to see this amazing story from the comics...

Note: We’ve updated this story with additional quotes from Grant Gustin and Andrew Kreisberg.

During The Flash season finale, there was a moment where Barry is moving so fast through the Speed Force that he begins to witness events that haven’t happened yet. Some, like the arrival of Killer Frost on the scene, were no surprise, but one moment dug a little deeper into The Flash history to make its point.

That moment showed Barry in prison, talking to someone from behind the glass, much in the same way as he often speaks to his father. At the time it aired, I wrote it off as a reference to one of the alternate timelines and parallel realities that the show is beginning to experiment with exploring. Well, I was wrong.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the San Diego Comic-Con (including Den of Geek), Grant Gustin was asked about other comic book storylines that could be adapted, since season one drew so heavily on elements from “Rebirth” and “Flashpoint.” He confirmed that moment from the finale was indeed a reference to “The Trial of The Flash,” that ran in the comics between 1983 and 1985. The story dealt with how Barry Allen found himself in prison for manslaughter after he accidentally kills one of his foes (I won’t spoil it here) in battle.

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“That’s a famous story from from the comics,” Gustin said. “That was no bullshit. They [the showrunners] usually don’t easter egg things without letting them come to fruition.”

I joked that because of the length of the story, it would take more than a few episodes to do it properly, and Gustin said that it would “probably get its own season if and when it happens.” Don’t get too excited yet, as he cautioned “that could take longer than most other things that we got a glimpse of to actually happen.” In other words…it sure won’t be during The Flash season 2, but maybe by the time we get to season three or four…

Earlier that afternoon, Andrew Kreisberg had spoken about the importance of those visions from the finale, and how they relate to the future of the show. 

“Showing what Barry saw in the speed force was really important for us, and one of the things we haven’t been shy about is embracing some of the pivotal stories from a lot of the various runs over the years,” Mr. Kreisberg said, “we’re not gonna stop doing that.” 

“The Trial of The Flash” is available in a collected edition as Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash. It’s written by the great Cary Bates and features artwork by Flash architect, Carmine Infantino. It’s awesome, and it’s the story that mad me a Flash fan for life.

Mike Cecchini will write more about how awesome “Trial of The Flash” is if you ask him nicely on Twitter.

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