The Flash Adds Anne Dudek as Future Genius

We have no idea what to make of this particular piece of casting, so let's just have some fun speculating for a few minutes.

Anne Dudek (House, Mad Men, The Magicians) has a recurring role to play on The Flash this year. The thing is, nobody can quite explain what it is to my satisfaction. Ms. Dudek has been cast as “Tracy Brand” and she’ll show up in the 20th episode of this season. Since this is a recurring role, we figure she’ll hang around until the finale, and possibly into The Flash Season 4, too.

Here’s the character description, courtesy of TV Line:

Showing nary a hint of the greatness that people will celebrate her for in the future, Tracy will set out to find the genius she’s destined to one day become.

So here’s the thing: there’s no “Tracy Brand” that I’m aware of in the pages of DC Comics. That’s fine. Not every character on this show needs to come from the comics, right? So in order to keep this article from being completely useless, just indulge me for a moment.

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“The greatness that people will celebrate her for in the future?” Could Tracy Brand be an ancestor of R.J. Brande (not a typo), the founder of the 31st Century Legion of Super-Heroes? Yes, I know, R.J. Brande was a cover name for an alien who assumed human form, but there’s no reason that perhaps a human with super scientific acumen and a penchant for hanging around superheroes couldn’t inspire someone to assume a similar name and establish a planetary defense force made up of teenage superhumans, right?

Look, folks, I’m sorry, I’m just fiending for a Legion of Super-Heroes TV show on the CW, and any time there’s even a hint of a connection, I freak out a little. We’ve already seen a Legion Time Bubble appear in an episode of The Flash, and Supergirl has not only established that Superman was indeed a member of the futuristic team (there’s a Legion flight ring in his Fortress of Solitude), they currently have actual Legion member Mon-El as a regular on the show. You can’t tell me that they aren’t going to give us the Legion in the CW-verse at some point.

Anyway, we’ll meet Tracy Brand next month. I’ll update this article when I’m heartbroken about being proven wrong. You can console me on Twitter.