The End is Nigh for 3D Televisions

Two more manufacturers confirm they're stopping production of 3D televisions, giving the format a bleak future...

As 3D takings at cinema box offices around the world continue to be ‘challenging’, the modern boom in 3D movies kickstarted by James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009 seems to be petering out still further. For it’s been revealed that more key manufacturers are moving away from making 3D televisions, and that’s likely to spell the end, longer term, for 3D Blu-ray as well.

The news was broken by CNET, who reported that LG and Sony have now confirmed they’re to stop making 3D sets. They follow Samsung and Panasonic, who have already confirmed the same. It’s not the absolute end for 3D televisions, as there are still unsold sets on the market. Furthermore, lower profile and budget manufacturers are set to continue to make them for the foreseeable future. But it seems clear that it’s the beginning of the end for 3D in the home, at least in its current guide.

It’s not the most surprising news, as the proverbial writing has been on the wall for some time. But nonetheless, 3D at home does enjoy niche support, and it’s worrying times for those who’ve invested heavily in the format.

We’ll keep you posted as we here more. Perhaps it’ll take James Cameron and Avatar 2 to reignite mainstream interest in 3D once again…

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