The Doctor Who television trivia quiz

Our latest quiz: twenty questions to test out the dedicated Doctor Who fan. Thinking caps on...

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Here’s the drill: here we have 20 questions all about Doctor Who in its broadcast form. Send your answers to, as we still have a few prizes to give away too…

UPDATE: competition now closed, answers are here.

1. Terror of the Zygons, starring Tom Baker, saw the Doctor fighting not just the Zygons of the title, but which other mythical monster?

2. “Everybody lives!”: which recent Doctor, and which episode?

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3. Sylvester McCoy encountered Excalibur: but in which story?

4. Colin Baker originally appeared as a character in a Peter Davison story: but which one?

5. Who were the five Doctor Whos in The Five Doctors?

6. And who were the two Doctor Whos in The Two Doctors?

7. One Children in Need special saw a plethora of actors become the Doctor; who were they?

8. Aside from the Doctor, who are the other characters in the show that have regenerated on screen?

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9. Which Doctors did we never see regenerate on screen?

10. Name the two Dalek factions.

11. Which episode brought Elisabeth Sladen back into the show during David Tennant’s reign?

12. On what road was the scrapyard where Doctor Who’s adventures really began?

13. Doctor Who has had a full-on kiss with which of his assistants?

14. Adric was killed at the end of Earthshock: who had the Doctor been fighting during that story?

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15. Name the two actresses to play Romana.

16. Who was the first Doctor to work with Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart?

17. And who was the last?

18. The Tenth Planet marked the end of which Doctor, and the first appearance of which villains?

19. Who is the only woman to have played Doctor Who?

20. Name all the actors to have played The Master.

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And last week, we set you a Grange Hill quiz right here. And these are the answers to it…

1. Danny Kendall died in Mr Bronson’s car2. Jackie and Zammo3. Harriet4. Hoppy and Scruffy5. Bridget, Maurice, Geoff6. Mr Starling, Mr Llewelyn7. Laura Regan8. Tucker’s Luck9. Jeremy Irvine10. P.E.11. Roland Browning12. The actors who played them went on to appear in EastEnders13. Gonch and Hollo14. Anthony Minghella15. Pogo Patterson16. Imelda, Georgina and Helen17. Annette Firman18. Rambo19. Fay Lucas20. Roland Browning

Answers to Doctor Who, and our next quiz, will be on the site next week!