The Dead Files Comes Back To Life in The Killing Fields

The Travel Channel is visiting lethal destinations as The Dead Files rises to haunt the living on August 31.

Physical medium Amy Allan sees dead people. She speaks to dead people and they speak to her. She doesn’t always know if what they’re telling her is real. For that she goes to her partner, Steve DiSchiavi. The retired New York City homicide detective knows every person, and every house, has secrets. The pair host the Travel Channel’s series The Dead Files, which probes the paranormal with a different take on ghost hunting shows. Amy and Steve don’t speak to each other during an investigation. And they don’t communicate telepathically, at least as far as the audience can see. They come up with their own conclusions and wait until the very end of the episode before they determine whether to stay or run.

The pair are “on a mission to help beleaguered clients as they uncover paranormal histories and mysteries buried within haunted locations,” according to the synopsis. “As they arrive on scene, DiSchiavi and Allan investigate each case independently of one another to preserve the integrity of their individual findings.”

Allan sees and communicates with the dead, DiSchiavi researches the facts to understand each location’s history. The team avoids all contact with each other until the very end, when they reveal their shocking discoveries to the homeowner in each episode’s intense conclusion.

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In the episode “Killing Fields – Springfield, Ohio,” DiSchiavi and Allan help an Ohio man who “believes something on his property is attacking his mother,” according to the synopsis. “Allan discovers the land is suffering under a curse that hinders the lives of the living and encounters a bitter dead man using the curse to his advantage.” The hour-long episode airs Friday, August 31 at 10 p.m. ET.

“Damaged – Winchester, Kentucky,” which premieres on Friday, September 7 at 10 p.m., takes the team to Kentucky investigate a woman’s claims that “something in her house is attacking her kids and changing her husband’s personality. During her walk, Allan discovers a dead cowboy who can cause the living to die of sudden illnesses.”

The Dead Files airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET, on The Travel Channel.

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