The Blacklist: Redemption – Famke Janssen Spinoff Gets Series Order

It's spinoff time! The Blacklist: Redemption has been given a series order from NBC.


NBC is going ahead with its Blacklist spinoff, The Blacklist: Redemption, starring Famke Janssen. The network released an official synopsis, as well…

The Blacklist: Redemption centers around the “brilliant and cunning” Susan “Scottie” Hargrave (Janssen) who serves as the chief of a covert mercenary organization called Grey Matters. After joining forces with undercover operative Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), Tom discovers that Scottie is actually his biological mother and goes on a secret mission to learn more about his past.

Our original story from March 30th follows…

While its initial feverish popularity has somewhat waned, NBC’s The Blacklist continues to be a steady ratings performer. Now, the Peacock plans to parlay the crime thriller’s reliability with a spinoff series. Oddly enough, the espionage-centric intrigue and labyrinthine plot points of the series, starring James Spader as the enigmatic, morally ambiguous international-criminal-turned F.B.I. asset Raymond Reddington, will expand itself with one of the character’s most dangerous rivals!

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According to Variety, The Blacklist won’t be wasting any time building the infrastructure for this continuity expansion. The series has already procured its primary star in Famke Janssen. However, her co-star Edi Gathegi is someone very familiar to Blacklist fans, since, as Matias Solomon, he has spent the last season sadistically torturing and trying to kill character favorites. The spinoff series will reportedly first manifest as a backdoor pilot wedged into The Blacklist’s May 12 episode, just before the Season 3 finale. Creator Jon Bokenkamp and showrunner John Eisendrath will assume double duties with the new show.

While the network is mum on the plot, Famke Janssen will play a character named Susan “Scottie” Halstead, who reportedly debuts on The Blacklist’s May 5 episode. However, details about the character are still unknown. An actress whose resume is a prolific plethora of genre appearances, Janssen is best known as Jean Grey in the X-Men movie series and as GoldenEye’s deadly dealer of death by thighs Xenia Onatopp. After fielding a starring role on the recently cancelled Netflix series Hemlock Grove, Janssen has been appearing on How to Get Away with Murder; a gig that seems on the verge of concluding.

Edi Gathegi is also no stranger to the genre scene, making a transition from a regular on House into a crucial character in the teeny vampire Twilight film saga, and also made an explosively memorable impact in X-Men: First Class as Darwin. Gathegi has since been floating around the ether of television, lately as a regular on the recently cancelled TNT supernatural-ish medical drama Proof and with a recurring role in AMC’s post-apocalyptic kung-fu series Into the Badlands. This past fall, he debuted on The Blacklist as Matias Solomon, the ruthless assassin and interrogator hired by the evil shadow government group the Cabal. However, it seems that after tormenting Reddington and company, he was last seen heading to federal prison and it appears that he’ll soon share the same fate as a leashed criminal asset on the new show.

The Blacklist will return from its mini hiatus on Apr. 7 for a quick sprint to the May 12 episode that sets up the yet-to-be-titled spinoff series.