The 100 Season 5: Eliza Taylor on Clarke’s Six-Year Journey

Den of Geek caught up with Eliza Taylor at SDCC to talk about those phone calls to Bellamy.

iWhen The 100 picks back up in 2018, Season 5 will continue on with the six-year time jump we saw in the Season 4 finale epilogue. We chatted with Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Jason Rothenberg about what Clarke has been up to during the time gap.

“You need some kind of routine, or at least she does, to stay sane,” Taylor said of Clarke’s habits during her time on the ground with only Madd for company. 

I wanted to kind of implement that she does the same thing every day. She gives Madi lessons. She talks to Bellamy. They go out and they hunt. I think that, without that, without that being part of the routine, she would lose her mind.

Rothenberg filled in some of the larger context of Clarke and Madi’s life on the ground moving forward into Season 5, calling the “battle for Eden” the major threat of The 100 Season 5.

Rothenberg said: The Earth is survivable now. The radiation levels are down so they can breathe the air, but it’s still mostly wasteland, except for this sort of Garden of Eden that Clarke has found her way to.” He added:

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The prison ship has come down into it and there will be lots of people aboard that ship who want this garden for themselves, [but] it’s Clarke home and she doesn’t want to share it. And she and Madi’s lives may not be what they have come to be used to. The battle for Eden is an ongoing threat this season.

Rothenberg has previously mentioned that The 100 will be doing flashbacks throughout Season 5 to show some of the highlights and changes that took place over the course of the last six years. Will the flashbacks be occasional or a major part of the show moving forward? Rothenberg teased: “It’s a pretty big part of the season. There’s a lot of cool stuff that happened in those six years and I don’t just want to talk about it.”

Maybe we’ll get even more of those phone calls from Clarke to Bellamy.

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