The 100 Season 4: 15 Pre-Apocalyptic Details We Learned On Set

We talked to Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley about what to expect in The 100 Season 4...

The 100season four starts tonight, kicking off what it sure to be another season of misery, mayhem, and the constant battle to keep one’s people alive — now with an all-new apocalyptic event to worry about!

We had the chance to sit down with Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Bob Morley (Bellamy) on The 100set last November to talk all things The 100Season 4. They teased what we can expect in the upcoming season, from a return to Season 1 dynamics to the further integration of newer characters like Luna and Roan.

Nothing is ever certain in the world of The 100, but here are some things to look forward to in Season 4…

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Season 4 will have some Season 1 throwbacks.

The 100has changed a lot since its first season — a simpler time when 100 teenagers thought a radioactive deer and acid fog were the worst of their problems. Though the characters have come a long way since those innocent days, it sounds like we will be getting some Season 1 elements in the upcoming season…

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Speaking specifically about her Season 4 costume, Eliza Taylor teased that she would be “going back to a bit of the old Arker gear,” adding that she “feel[s] like I’m back to Season 1 Clarke, which is nice.”

Morley mentioned a “return of the adventure squad of younger kids” from Season 1 yore. Taylor echoed the comment, saying: “It’s kind of like the old crew being back together again. Like I said, it feels like Season 1 again, which is awesome.”

Season 4 picks up directly after Season 3.

The 100 Season 4 picks up directly where The 100Season 3 left off, which means many of the Skaikru and Grounder clans are still in Polis. Morley teased:

There’s a whole bunch of people that have turned up to Polis under the guidance of ALIE, so already there, once everyone is out of it, you’ve ended up with a whole bunch of clans, people who are brought together by this one idea, being ALIE, that then come out of that, and they have to deal with what they’ve gone through and the fallout from that. And also not all clans get along, you know, so there’s that immediate place of waking up and being like, ‘Oh, these are a whole bunch of people I don’t really know or get along with,’ and how do you confront that?

We will get more Clarke & Abby in Season 4.

Clarke and Abby haven’t spent a lot of time in the same place on The 100, but Taylor teased “there will be more of that” in Season 4. Speaking about the Abby/Clarke dynamic in Season 4, and how it has been affected by Clarke watching her mother almost hang herself to death in Season 3, Taylor teased:

All that stuff definitely will come up and it certainly affects the way Clarke feels about her mother, but I think it also helps her almost to become more of a mother to her, you know, like she realizes that her mom’s gone through so much and she needs to look after her, which I think is really cool. There’s a bit of role reversal there.

Clarke is embracing her role as leader.

Leadership and the shifting of power has always been an important theme in The 100.What will that look like in Season 4? Taylor previewed Clarke’s leadership in the upcoming season, saying:

I think she’s definitely stepping up more and accepting herself as a leader, which is really great. It’s really fun to feel like she’s asserting herself and not taking any sh… stuff from people who don’t know as well as she does exactly what’s going on.

Morley spoke about the power vacuum that has been left with the death of the Commander, saying “that’s all addressed,” adding: “The power situation within Skaikru and the rest of the 13 clans, it all starts to meld in a way. That’s definitely up for grabs.”

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Clarke cares about The Flame because she cares about Lexa.

Speaking of the Commander, The Flame is still in Clarke’s possession come the beginning of Season 4. Taylor teased that, because the City of Light has been shut down, The Flame is “obsolete,” in a way. But that doesn’t mean Clarke wants to give it up…

I think for Clarke the flame is still so important to her because she still believes that… I mean, it’s Lexa. She’s holding onto it as a keepsake and it still plays a very important role in Grounder spirituality, so her having it certainly it still holds power, but it don’t do the same stuff as it used to.

Clarke will probably forgive Jaha.

Jaha kind of set this whole chip/City of Light thing into motion when he went looking for ALIE in Season 2. Do Clarke and the others blame him for what’s happened? According to Taylor:

I think everyone is a little bit pissed off with Jaha, but with everyone on this show, with every character, and what I love, everyone’s just trying to do the best thing for their people, and he truly believed that it was the best thing for his people. We didn’t, but I think Clarke sees that. I think she’s been through enough and she’s seen enough people make bad choices that there’s always forgiveness there.

There will be some lighter moments this season.

The 100will never be a feel-good comedy, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get some light-hearted moments this season. (We’ve already seen one in the trailer, when Monty and Jasper bring back their high-five.) According to Taylor, there will be “a few light moments” this season, though, so far, not for Clarke…

I am really looking forward to people seeing [these lighter moments] because we’ve kind of gone as dark as dark can be last season and almost to a point where I think people were like, ‘Come on, guys. Let’s just see some characters enjoying themselves.’ So, that’s definitely happening this season. Whether or not it’s Clarke, sadly I don’t know. But, overall, there’s a lot of characters who are going to lighten up, which I’m happy about.

Clarke and Murphy will be spending time together.

Murphy got a lot of mentions by both Taylor and Morley. Taylor mentioned that she was working with Richard Harmon (Murphy) “a lot more,” which implies some Clarke/Murphy interaction this season. As for Clarke/Bellamy, Morley said they “definitely cross paths” at the beginning of the season. He added:

The good thing about the start of the season is that we’re all in Polis. We’re all there. It was kind of great, coming back and starting the season and seeing everyone as well because, you know, we don’t always get to interact with all the other actors on the show.

— Eliza Taylor (@MisElizaJane) August 12, 2016

The inclusion of Roan.

Zach McGowan has been made a series regular this season, which means we will presumably see more of Roan, especially as he presumably assumes power for the Azgeda/Ice Nation. Will we see Clarke and Roan working together again? Taylor teased:

I think we are going to definitely see them kind of team up a bit. It’s been so fun having Zach back because he plays Roan so perfectly. And, again, working with an actor who you haven’t really worked with before. Last year I was like, ‘Oh, this is creating an interesting dynamic that wasn’t on paper, which I love, and I think they’ve really seen that and taken that into the new season.’

As for the Bellamy/Roan dynamic, Morley teased:

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I think, in a way, they’re both kind of similar, and both would fight for their people … They’re kind of these two gruff alpha dogs who kind of mope around and do their thing and do their dirty work. So, there’s some parallels between the two of them and there’s some major differences between the two of them, but that’s another partnership that you might see spring up.

Octavia is on a similar path as Clarke Season 3.

If you haven’t heard, Octavia is going down a dark path in Season 4. Taylor compared Octavia’s arc to the one Clarke went through at the end of Season 2/beginning of Season 3, when she isolated herself from her people.

Octavia has kind of decided that she doesn’t belong to Arkadia and she doesn’t belong to the Grounders. She’s kind of become a lone wolf, similar to the way Clarke did at the beginning of Season 3, and I think that that there’s a very good mutual understanding there with not feeling like you belong and wanting to just disappear and live your own life.

Might Clarke have some advice for Octavia in Season 4? Unclear, but Taylor did say of their dynamic:

Though they don’t particularly see eye to eye on a lot of things, I think there is a subtle, mutual respect. They listen to each other, even if they disagree, and, yeah, you’ll definitely see more of that. Which is cool.

Bellamy hasn’t forgotten the things that he’s done.

Remember that time Bellamy massacred a whole bunch of Grounder allies because Pike thought it was a good idea? Yeah, Bellamy does, too. Speaking about Bellamy’s mindset in Season 4, Morley teased:

I think all of the decisions [Bellamy]’s made since Season 1 really hang over his head, so it’s just kind of another addition to the amount of guilt and remorse that he has. Yeah, you know, he’s got a lot of weight on his shoulders and he’s obviously carrying that around.

But has to find a way to be useful again and be helpful to those around him that he loves, so it’s gonna be dealt with and, you know, we’re constantly dealing with all that kind of stuff. The Culling of the 300 and Mount Weather and all that. It doesn’t just go away, you know. That’s the great thing about this show is that I get carry around those demons forever. That’s definitely prevalent this season.

Petition to start calling Bellamy: Bellamy “Bad Choice” Blake.

We will get more Bellamy/Kane in Season 4.

When asked which characters Bellamy would be spending a lot of time with in Season 4, Morley mentioned that we will “see a lot of Bellamy’s and Kane’s relationship.” This was a particularly strong dynamic in The 100Season 3 when Kane, who is a father figure of sorts to Bellamy, tried to convince Bellamy not to make the decision to side with Pike. Hopefully, we will see more fallout from that.

The relationship between Octavia & Bellamy will always be addressed.

According to Morley: “The relationship with Octavia is always something that has to be address and readdressed constantly. It’s an ever-evolving relationship.”

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What would Morley like to see from their sibling dynamic? The actor wants to see it “develop into a more adult relationship as opposed to him berating her and her telling him, ‘You can’t tell me what to do,’ or whatever, that kind of back-and-forth dynamic.” Morley thinks the darker turn Octavia takes in Season 4 might be an opportunity for Bellamy to reach her, given the fact that he’s been there before…

With her taking this darker turn, and it being much more of an emotional turn and an outward expression of that, it’s something that Bellamy’s experienced before, as well, so there’s a level of understanding there that I think that he expresses, but there’s also a level of loss. I don’t think that he necessarily wanted that for her.

You know, he says that at the end of Season 3 when they’re barricading the door and he’s like, ‘I know what it’s like. I just don’t want this for you.’ And she makes the choice to kill Pike in the end. That’s also an indicator to him that she doesn’t really need his advice or doesn’t necessarily even listen to his advice anymore, so that’s a bit of a blow for him.

At some point, you do have to take a back seat with the people you care about. You can’t give them the answer. They have to find it themselves. So it’s one of those kind of journeys that will take some time, lots of healing, lot of water under the bridge. It takes its toll on both of them.

How Bellamy responds to the end of the world.

When we spoke to The 100cast and crew at San Diego Comic Con, a common theme that came up was the different ways in which the characters would respond to the impending end of the world. We asked Morley how Bellamy would respond, if he would go full-on bucket list or fight even harder to try to save his people. His answer:

It changes everyday for that guy. He’s a very interesting character this season, you know. He always has been. He’s very complex and sometimes the writers like to put me in positions where I don’t necessarily agree or I agree wholeheartedly, and that’s the beauty of it. He kind of is a metronome in that sense where he’s back and forth, so I don’t think there’s a real, straightforward answer to that. Which is nice for me to play, but it’s also very challenging.

Like most people, he changes his mind, and that’s OK. I don’t think there’s any one way that he leans, either. He doesn’t go either way. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m still finding out myself.

It sounds like Bellamy and Luna will have a storyline together.

Nadia Hiler’s Luna will be back in The 100Season 4, but, so far, it’s mostly unclear how she will interact with the rest of the cast. According to Morley, Bellamy and Luna will have some moments together. He teased: “Bellamy’s relationship with Luna I guess is something that’s very much in development, so, yeah, I don’t know how much I can tell you in regards to… without destroying or getting fired.”

We’re intrigued.

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The 100 Season 4 premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.