Supernatural Season 15: Jake Abel to Return as Adam Winchester

The Winchesters’ long-forgotten half-brother, Adam, is confirmed for a Supernatural Season 15 return.

Jake Abel as Adam Winchester on Supernatural; The CW
The CW

Supernatural just held its final Comic-Con panel (well, one that promotes an upcoming season, anyway); an event that was packed with emotionally bittersweet moments. While details on the show’s Season 15 swan song were, understandably, in short supply, the festivities did yield the confirmation of one potent tidbit: the return of the oft-ignored third Winchester Brother!

Jake Abel will return as Adam Winchester in Supernatural Season 15, as co-showrunner Andrew Dabb confirmed (via TV Line,) in the press room after the conclusion of the show’s panel. While no details were disclosed about said return, it will be one that’s nearly a decade in the making. Abel’s role reprisal as Adam will arrive by way of a run on Netflix sci-fi series Another Life, which hits the streaming giant on July 25.

Adam, the surreptitiously-kept third and youngest Winchester brother – who went by the surname, Milligan – was sired by John Winchester with Kate Milligan, who he was helping during a hunt. While John occasionally looked after Adam as a part-time dad, a duo of vengeance-seeking ghouls seized an opportunity for revenge by killing both Kate and Adam. Consequently, we’d first learn of Adam in an April 2009 Season 4 episode, titled “Jump the Shark” in a bit of self-deprecation to its secret-sibling stunt. In that episode, Adam’s call for help to John (who he didn’t know was dead,) reached Sam and Dean, who jumped on the case, only to meet what turned out to be a ghoul disguised as their late half-brother.

However, Adam – the real Adam, that is – would eventually return in the April 2010 Season 5 episode, “Point of No Return,” during the Apocalypse storyline, in which archangel Michael’s angelic flunky, Zachariah (Kurt Fuller), brought Adam back to life, whisked away from a content existence in Heaven, based on the promise of a reunion with his mother. Yet, the caveat was that he would become a (necessarily Winchester-hailing) bodily vessel for Michael, after originally-selected host Dean was refusing. Eventually, after an ordeal during which Adam finally met Sam and Dean properly, the Apocalypse would commence in the Season 5 finale, “Swan Song,” with the dueling duo of Michael (in Adam’s body) and Lucifer (in Sam’s body), until the intervention of Dean and Castiel resulted in both Michael/Adam and Lucifer/Sam getting engulfed by the ground orifice of the Cage. The moment was, albeit briefly, intended as the overall climax to the series.

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While Sam, of course, would eventually be rescued (Lucifer-less,) from the Cage by Castiel – though not without a set of soul-deprived implications for Season 6 – Adam was not so lucky and remains there to this day, forgotten and rarely mentioned. Indeed, even the monumentally-meta November 2014 Season 10 episode, “Fan Fiction,” had an actor as Adam in its play-within-a-play, leading to a rare reference to the lost Winchester’s callously-ignored state of imprisonment; one that’s currently nine-years and running.

While no specifics were revealed about Adam’s return, we do know that Supernatural Season 15 will premiere on The CW on Thursday, October 10 at 8 p.m.

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