Suits Season 7, Episode 11: Release Date, Trailer, and News

Everything you need to know about Suits, including latest news, release date, and much more!

Editor’s note: This article is our Suits season 7 news hub and will be updated and restructured to reflect new information.

Suits has certainly come a long way from the show about two handsome white guys in suits who no one could tell apart. That was the initial concept of the show, right? It’s been awhile. But however it all began, one of USA Network’s flagship dramas is ready to move into truly impressive territory: a seventh season. 

Now about to return from its midseason break, we’ve got the latest news about the upcoming Suits season 7, episode 11 right here…

Suits Season 7, Episode 11 Release Date

Catch Suitsseason 7, episode 11, “Hard Truths” on the USA Network Wednesday, March 28 at 9PM!

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Suits Season 7, Episode 11 Trailer

Check out the official preview trailer for episode 11 right here:

As well as this incredible short teaser trailer:

Suits Season 7, Episode 11 Synopsis

Suits Season 7 has featured some pretty seismic story developments considering how season 6 ended, but it’s not done with us just yet. Check out the official synopsis for the upcoming episode 11 here:

“When the back half of Season 7 returns, Harvey must deal with the aftermath of Jessica (Gina Torres) losing her license while trying to process how the kiss with Donna will affect his relationship with Paula (Christina Cole). Mike tries to juggle his commitment to the firm, his passion for pro bono work, and his engagement to Rachel. All the while, Louis struggles with right and wrong as his torrid affair with Sheila (Rachael Harris) deepens.”