Steven Universe Gets Ongoing Comic Series From Boom!

There's finally going to be an ongoing Steven Universe comic book series from Boom! Studios in February & we have an exclusive first look.

Steven Universe, now in its fourth season, has attracted a worldwide fan base and KaBOOM! is taking advantage of that with a new comic series launching next year. Previously having released several limited series and one-shorts, KaBOOM! (an imprint of BOOM! Studios) is now committing to an ongoing series based on the Emmy-nominated series. The plot of the first issue should please many hardcore fans with its inclusion of the fan favorite characters of Lapis and Peridot.

In this kickoff issue, Steven, Lapis, and Peridot rescue a baby songbird on the ground outside the barn and work together to reunite it with its mother.

The plot clues in that the comics will be set sometime around the currently airing episodes, with Lapis and Peridot living at the barn. No word on whether these issues will be interconnected or standalone, but that first plot fits the tone of the series perfectly.

The full information for the new comic, including the creative team, is as follows…

Writer: Melanie Gillman

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Artist: Katy Farina

Main Cover: Missy Pena

Subscription Cover: Rian Sygh

Variant Cover: Jenn St-Onge

Unlockable Blank Sketch Variant Cover: N/A

Gem Foil Incentive Variant Cover: Missy Pena

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Format: 32 pages, full color

Price: $3.99

On sale: 2/1/17 

Melanie Gillman is best known for their work on As the Crow Flies and Katy Farina is known for their work on The Amazing World of Gumball. For all the fans of Steven Universe out there, this comic should help with the long hiatus’ between episodes.


Check out the covers to Steven Universe #1 right here!

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