Steven Moffat on Sherlock Season 5 & the Show’s Future

Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat says he's not currently working on a new season, but also gives us some hope for the future...

Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat caught up with Cultbox about the uncertain future of the hit series and whether we’ll get season 5 any time soon. To put it plainly, we shouldn’t expect new Sherlock for a while, according to Moffat, who points out that “everyone is busy.”

That said, Moffat remains as always hopeful for the future.

“I vaguely assume we will do it again at some point. I don’t think it will be very soon. It’s due a longer gap,” Moffat continued. “It is still enormously successful, so there will always be a demand for it, I hope. And there is no upper limit on how long we can do it. Holmes and Watson can be 60 or 70.”

This is certainly true. Down the line, we could be looking at an Old Man Sherlock situation, as the character was always portrayed a bit older in the original stories. Of course, that would mean we’d have to wait for star Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s 41, to get quite a bit older. 

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Previously, Moffat and exec producer Sue Vertue commented on the future of Sherlock at a San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel on Titan’s Sherlock manga. When asked if there was a possibility of Sherlock continuing on in another form — i.e. not the already existing TV show or manga — Vertue teased: “There is something we’re working on in London.”

“That’s true,” Moffat added. “We do have an answer, we’re just not giving it.”

Might they be talking about the rumored BBC/Paramount Theme Park called London Paramount, scheduled to open in Kent in 2021? The park will include Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Top Gear exhibits. Or were Vertue and Moffat teasing something else?

Speaking specifically about a Sherlock season 5, Moffat said “Everything’s possibly on the table,” while stressing that he and co-creator Mark Gatiss honestly haven’t sat down to have the conversation yet. Earlier this year, Gatiss revealed that even if a new season of Sherlock were on the books, it would take a really long time to make due to everyone’s busy schedules. 

“Look, honestly, I’vw only just right now finished up on Doctor Who, my very last one,” Moffat said, adding that he has been “flat out” writing both Sherlock and Doctor Who for the past few years.

As for what might happen in the future for Sherlock, Moffat said: “I kind of assume at some point that we’ll reassemble and recreate the glory days.”

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Next up for Moffat is a new Dracula series, which he’s working on with Gatiss.