Starz to Split Outlander Season 1, Makes First Episode Available Early

Well, Outlander fans. We've got good news and bad news. It might mostly be bad news. We're not sure.

Outlander Starz

Hold on to your butts, y’all — I’m about to hit you with some Outlander news. Apparently I will be hitting you…on your butts? I didn’t think it through, okay? Here’s the skinny: Starz is dividing Outlander season one in HALF! I’m sorry I yelled. I’m in a state, okay? Let me take a deep breath, and I’ll refocus and try to remain calm while squeezing my mostly-nude Jamie Fraser stress ball.

The facts are these: The series is still kicking off on August 9th and will proceed on its merry way until the end of September (the 27th, to be exact). So far, so normal, yeah? Here’s where it gets grim. Once the episode on the 27th airs….that’s it for the year. You heard me. The second half of the season will return “in the beginning of 2015.” Please take a few moments to fall to your knees and wail at a god you are no longer sure exists. I’ll be waiting.

Arguably, one of the many fun things about watching a TV show is the building of suspense and anticipation. Who doesn’t remember chomping at the bit for the next installment of Seaquest…just me? But that’s changed as the medium has evolved. With Netflix dropping down full-seasons of Orange is the New Black and the like, splitting a season seems like taking a step backwards. Starz has put a bit of balm on the wound by announcing that the first episode will be available to watch on demand and online a full week early on August 2nd. Oh sure, that’s great and all, but if we only get the show until September 27th, why would we torture ourselves by powering through it at an even greater clip?

I feel all of the feels about this. Now I know how Jamie felt when he bumped into Black Jack Randall in France, y’all (#outlanderdeepcut).

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