Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3 episode 6: The Academy

It's the predicted return to Mandalore in this week's new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars...

The Clone Wars: The Academy

3.6 The Academy

In the review for last week’s episode, Corruption, I  suggested that a return to Mandalore looked very likely at some point in the future. Little did I know that I would only have to wait a week.

In this episode Clone Wars cutie Ahsoka is assigned to teach a class at a “leadership” academy on the planet. The Padawan is left to her own devices to help out with corruption on Mandalore and influences a group of cadets to seek out the truth.

The youngsters are a plucky and likable bunch, even if their accents are a tad odd (I think it’s supposed to be someone’s idea of an English accent), and manage to uncover a plot that goes right to the top.

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Although the action is sparse, the mystery and a joyful star turn from Ahsoka manage to keep the interest high. The little would-be Jedi packs quite a punch (and a few kicks) in the fight scenes, seeing her Force-pushing (and throwing). She reveals quite the Jedi talent when finding herself without a lightsaber. These fight scenes are also slightly shocking as the young cadets involved take quite a beating from their enemies and you will be wondering if any will survive.

From a design perspective, The Academy excels, building upon the look previously established on the Mandalorian city. Attention to detail is paramount. For example, the Peace Park is still in ruins after the Death Watch attack in season three. A very nice touch (and one for the nerdoids like me).

The Academy lifts the tone and interest after a few lacklustre installments of The Clone Wars, delivering a fully satisfying story whilst introducing some new characters. And the ‘Next Time’ trail looks like a corker too, with the return of Aurra Sing…

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