Star Wars Rebels Season 2 News: Season Finale Preview, Darth Maul Details

Everything you need to know about Star Wars Rebels season 2, including premiere date, trailers, sneak peeks, and casting!

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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Latest News

The season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels sees the return of Darth Maul, now known as “Old Master,” a mysterious figure Ezra encounters on Malachor during his fight against the Inquisitor. EW has a clip of the episode:

Showrunner Dave Filoni talked about how Darth Maul has changed since his resurrection in The Clone Wars:

He’s this person who has been on the dark-side, that has been thrown out repeatedly from the Emperor’s hierarchy but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot of the same tendencies as the Emperor and have the same desire for power. It became a really interesting story to tell, and a challenge, because at face value, Maul isn’t a guy you look at and go, ‘I trust you, devil-looking guy with horns on your head.’ So we had to paint an interesting picture here to get [Ezra] to perhaps believe in him. 

Filoni described Maul as a guy that’s been wandering the galaxy all of these years, waiting for his moment to strike again:

I think wandering is exactly correct. To tell the story we had to create several backstories for it. One of the big backstories was what has Maul been doing and how did he get to this planet, Malachor? The other story was what the heck happened on Malachor? So I actually wrote a history of it and what goes on there a thousand years ago – which explains the stone figures, and the temple, and all the mechanism you see there.

At one point also in the script Maul had actually mentioned to Ezra or Kanan that as a boy he had been brought to this planet. And so what you were to understand was that Darth Sidious was aware of this planet and that Maul had been brought there as a small child and they together had attempted to get into the temple and get to the holocron.

Sam Witwer, who voiced Maul in The Clone Wars, added that this older Maul is very different from what we’ve seen before:

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Life kind of passed him by. At one point he had this incredible potential and it looked like success was a given. And then the whole thing happened in Phantom Menace where he became, um, a lot shorter. [Laughs.] And then he lived a very miserable existence until it looked he began to put this life back together. Right as he was about to achieve a measure of success, his old master Palpatine took that from him. And then later if you read some of the comics, no sooner does he discover who his mother is but she’s killed.

He has this ambition that still exists inside him and that ambition is eating him up –especially now that he’s past his prime and his glory years. Yeah, he’s a sadder character than we perhaps remember in Clone Wars.

Here are some new photos, too:

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Date

Star Wars Rebels season 2 reaches its finale on March 30, 2016.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Trailer

A brand new trailer has arrived for the second half of Star Wars Rebels season 2, and it’s quite a whopper. We won’t spoil anything before you watch it, but get ready for a pretty surprising preview:

If you watched season 1 of Star Wars Rebels and wished it had a bit more lightsaber action, it doesn’t look like you’ll be disappointed by season 2.

Looking at the new trailer that’s been released for NYCC 2015, it seems a fair bet that season 2 will be much more action-packed. Here’s the 3-minute video…

Here’s a Darth Vader trailers for the premiere of Star Wars Rebels season 2! We’ll start with the newest one…

The first trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 2 was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration, and was promptly released online. Check this out, because it looks pretty great…

Rebels arrives in only a few weeks with a premiere episode all about the return of some of Clone troopers from The Clone Wars animated series. In a new trailer, showrunner Dave Filoni and others talk about the legacy of the Clone troopers and how their return will affect the crew of the Ghost and the other characters:

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Characters

Darth Vader

No, we’re not going to really introduce this guy to you. If you don’t already know him, then you need to go watch the movies. RIGHT NOW. 

In season 2, Tarkin will call upon Vader to help him catch those pesky Rebels before they can cause any more damage. Now that the Inquisitor failed in his mission, it’s time to call in the expert exterminator. Seriously, Vader is really good at killing Jedi. He makes it pretty much his mission during and after Order 66.

Will James Earl Jones reprise his role as Vader for Rebels once again? In case you didn’t know, Jones voiced the iconic villain in a special cameo for the ABC premiere of the show. Anyway, it remains to be seen if Jones will be up for a full season run of Vader. We sure hope so, though.

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Ahsoka Tano

We first met little Ahsoka as a teenager in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where she served as Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. After five seasons of fighting for the Galactic Republic during the bloody Clone Wars, Ahsoka decided to leave the Jedi Order after being framed for murder and put on trial in season 5. She felt that she could no longer trust the Order or herself. Of course, this proved to be her saving grace, as she survived Order 66 and successfully went into hiding.

Until now…

Acting as the mysterious Fulcrum, Ahsoka fed intel to the crew of the Ghost for several missions throughout the first season. Eventually, she revealed herself, as she came to the crew’s rescue in the season finale. Does this mean that Ahsoka will now join the crew on their various missions?

Dave Filoni has said that Ahsoka will not become a member of the main cast: “But it’s not like she’s going to have a bunk on the Ghost anytime soon. She needs to remain kind of a mysterious figure who is woven in and out of the story.”

So we might get just a little more Ahsoka next season without turning Rebels into a TCW reunion tour.


In a desert landscape the rebels find a bald, white-bearded Captain Rex who has been living with two other clones in an AT-TE walker. They will come up against an Imperial walker in the course of the season, and are still loyal to Ahsoka. However, Filoni hinted that the clones don’t have an entirely sunny relationship with the Jedi after Order 66. “We love Rex. Kanan not so much,” Filoni said.

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“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” said Baker, who voices all of the clones in The Clone Wars. He said that he had been “hopeful” that Rex would survive into the Original Trilogy era, but neither he nor Ashley Eckstein knew that he would be involved in Rebels until Filoni brought them together.

Filoni would only hint at how the clone captain survived Order 66, but gave a more revealing answer than usual to a young fan. Clone trooper Fives told Rex what he knew about the chips implanted in clones to make them amenable to Order 66, Filoni said, and Rex was likely to believe what Fives said.

Filoni referenced the idea that “truth can break a spell,” which he felt was an important component of fairy tales. Maybe Rex broke free of the conditioning by pure will, because he knew it was coming? That seems a bit wishy-washy to me, but Star Warshas always had a fairy tale element. Filoni also noted that if Rex doesn’t gun down his Jedi General in Order 66, he will become a target himself. Maybe that’s what happened – Rex fought the conditioning, but found himself on the run from the Republic-turned-Empire he had so loyally served.

Seventh Sister

Buzzfeed has revealed that Sarah Michelle Gellar is voicing a new villain in Rebels season 2. She plays an Inquisitor named The Seventh Sister. 

“I may be number 7, but I’m pretty much number 1,” Gellar says in an announcement video on the site. Her mission, as you’d expect, is to hunt down the remaining Jedi, especially Ahsoka Tano. “My character believes that Ahsoka is back, and she’s trying to track down Ahsoka, and the Rebels…and kill them all!”

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode List

Star Wars Rebels season 2 begins this summer with a one-hour movie and will continue in the fall with new episodes on Disney XD. The first two episodes, which make up “The Siege of Lothal,” premiered at Celebration Anaheim. We have a review that you can read right here.

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Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan) did tease us a bit on Twitter a few weeks ago about how much bigger season 2 was going to be:

— Freddie Prinze Jr (@RealFPJr) January 30, 2015

Well, the first season had 13 episodes and a TV film. Which means that perhaps we’ll get 20+ episodes in season 2. A good thing or a bad thing? Well, we’re really sad that we don’t have any new Rebels to watch until (probably) the Fall. But one of season 1’s strong suits was the length of the season, which didn’t leave all that much space for filler. It was all action-packed story, baby! We’d hate to see that go for a more monster-of-the-week-friendly The Clone Wars approach. 

You can catch up on everything that happened in season 1 with this special episode guide.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Spoilers

Not much is known about how the story of season 2 will proceed, but we can only imagine it will include a lot more Rebel shenanigans, as well as some lightsaber duels and more Jedi training. 

There will also be a lot of new Sith villains, at least three, including Darth Vader. The season 2 trailer also unveiled two dark side characters in addition to Vader, a square-jawed male and a more lithe female. Filoni and Kinberg would not reveal whether the female dark side character was a new Inquisitor or not, but there are rich possibilities when it comes to female darksiders in this era. Could it be Asajj Ventress, Barriss Offee, or Dhara Leonis?

One aspect of the story that will surely be developed further is the growing Rebellion against the Empire. At the end of the first season, we learned that there were several Rebel cells working across the galaxy to fight back the Empire. Undoubtedly, we’ll start to see these different cells coming together to form the Rebel Alliance from the Original Trilogy.

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For now, here’s a very short summary of what the first season of the show was all about:

Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Zeb Orrelios, and Chopper make up the crew of the Ghost. Their mission: to thwart the Empire as much as possible and spark rebellion across the galaxy. Throughout the first season, we saw these characters steal secret Imperial things, infiltrate the enemy ranks, vandalize TIE fighters, and blow things up — especially things with the Imperial insignia.

Their secret weapon? A Jedi among the crew. Kanan managed to escape Order 66 as a young Padawan and went into hiding. When he crosses paths with a young boy named Ezra on Lothal, they quickly develop a bond, as the boy proves that he is strong in the Force. Kanan decides to take Ezra as his apprentice. Together, they will fight the forces of evil and bring peace to the galaxy.

Unless Grand Moff Tarkin, Agent Kallus, and the Inquisitor are able to stop them. One thing is for sure: the Empire is closing in on the Rebels. This could mean the end of the Ghost crew and the Jedi.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Rumors

Who is Buffy playing in Rebels?

Perhaps the biggest cause of speculation at the moment is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s casting. Who the hell is she playing? The big and obvious choice is Ahsoka Tano, a returning character from The Clone Wars who revealed herself in the season finale of Rebels. But the beloved Ashley Eckstein, who voiced Ahsoka in TCW, reprised the role last night, and she will again in season 2.

Next in line would perhaps be Dharia Leonis, whose story is unfolding in the young adult Rebels companion book series, Servants of the Empire. Her brother, Zare, has already appeared on the show as a mole within the Empire for Ezra. Unfortunately, Matt Martin, Manager of Digital Content and Community Relations at Lucasfilm, has said that a bigger Leonis storyline will not be developed in Rebels.

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— Matt Martin (@missingwords) March 3, 2015

We really want Gellar to play a villain. Perhaps her character is a new Inquisitor, especially now that the show is short one villain…We don’t expect Vader to really take over as the main antagonist on the show. He has his own trilogy and a movie, after all.

But could it be Dark Jedi, and former apprentice to Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress? She developed a rivalry with Ahsoka in TCW, and she is one of the characters unaccounted for after the end of that show. Let’s hope so.

Finally, one can’t deny that, based on where the narrative is going, that there’s a strong chance that she could be cast as Rebel leader Mon Mothma or Princess Leia. After all, the first season did hint at the formation of the Rebel Alliance. It would be interesting to see the early careers of either of these displomats unfold on the show.

OR, Gellar could play a teen Nightsister slayer…Okay, we’ll stop now.

We should also note that Gellar is married to Freddie Prinze Jr., who plays Kanan Jarrus, one of the main characters on the show. Not that that has anything to do with anything. We just think it’s nice.

Lando Return?

Billy Dee Williams has told website Cinelinx, “There’s more adventures with Lando coming up,” adding “They keep calling me up to do Lando, and I love Lando, so I don’t mind! As long as the fans keep responding to it in a positive way, they’ll keep bringing [Lando] back…”

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Will Ezra and Kanan eventually die in the series?

This is something that we need to talk about, because it seems inevitable — already written in the pages of Star Wars lore. In the Original Trilogy, it is revealed that Luke Skywalker is the last of the Jedi Order, and he must defeat the Sith before the Order becomes all but extinct. And in the EU, Luke must train and lead a New Jedi Order to protect the universe from endless perils. 

Of course, throughout post-Return of the Jedi EU history (and file all of this as non-canon now), other survivors of Order 66 were revealed. Which means that Luke wasn’t the last of the Jedi after all. But since that whole timeline was erased, we could again assume that Luke is the last of the Jedi in current continuity. Which means that at some point, before the events of A New Hope, Ezra and Kanan met their end… talked to Dave Filoni about this: I have a bit of a continuity challenge for you. In Return of the Jedi, Yoda tells Luke, “When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be.” But now he knows that Kanan and Ezra are out there. We obviously don’t know at this point what will happen to them, but is that something you’re aware of?

Dave Filoni: I don’t see it as a challenge at all. It’s what the Sith call an absolute. When Obi-Wan says to Luke, “Your father was the greatest starfighter pilot in the galaxy,” is that true? Or is that something you tell a kid because you want him to believe his father was great? It doesn’t have to be empirical or absolutely true. Saying Luke is “the last,” is that a singular thing, or is he the last of a group? I don’t know.

It definitely is something that comes up, and we discuss that moment all the time for what it could mean. It is possible to interpret it as, Luke is the last person that’s following the path as laid out by the Jedi Order, which we knew. The way of the Jedi is not the only way to use the light side of the Force. Luke is taught by Obi-Wan and Yoda, who very much followed the dogma of the day. So, he is the last of that line for sure. That’s absolutely true. But you don’t have to be a Jedi to use the Force. You don’t have to be a Sith to use the dark side. Like the Inquisitor.

Dave Filoni: Exactly. So, there’s definitely ways around it, but it’s definitely something that’s come up. It doesn’t mean we have to kill them, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t. We’ll have to see what makes sense.

So that’s a very careful way of answering the question. Maybe they’ll die, maybe they won’t. That said, Rebels airs on Disney XD for younger audiences, which means that the showrunners and the studio might be a bit hesitant to kill off the main characters at the end of the show. Maybe it will only be Kanan. Masters usually die in Star Wars

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Poster

At the Star Wars Celebration Rebels panel, we got a first look at the season 2 promo poster, which is heavy on Vader and the Empire. It’s nice to see grown-up Ahsoka, too!

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