Star Trek: Discovery — What’s Next For Lorca?

Jason Isaacs gives some insight into the sculpting of his character, and what might be next...

Jason Isaacs is playing it close to the vest about his future on Star Trek: Discovery.

While his character, Mirrorverse Lorca may have seemingly met his end in “What’s Past is Prologue,” that means next to nothing on a show that has multiverse doppelgangers and the mycelial network. So, is there any chance we’ll see Lorca again in some form on this show?

“I’m not telling you,” Isaacs told The Hollywood Reporter. When TVLine asked him the same question about his possible return, Isaacs said: “Just to be clear, I haven’t told anybody the truth since I got this job, back in July. [Laughs] And if you ask me now what’s happening in the future, I wouldn’t rely on anything I say.”

This sounds like Isaacs is leaving the door open. However, in many of the post-mortems Isaacs has done, he has spoke about his commitment to Star Trek: Discovery as a one-season one.

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“I’ve been on many jobs that come to an end,” Isaacs told IGN. “I’ve never come to an end before the job, and had to say goodbye to everyone, and know that it would continue — and I’ll see them occasionally, and I’ll see them at all the Star Trek get-togethers, but I’m no longer a part of that journey.”

Isaacs told TVLine that he knew Lorca would be the Mirrorverse version before he even took the job, though “we hadn’t quite sorted out exactly what he wanted, and how he planned on getting it.” This was a dealbreaker for Lorca, who wanted to know exactly where his character was coming from and where he was headed before taking the job. So, they sat down and figured it out.

I always knew he was going to be in it for one season, and I always knew he was going to try and get back to the mirror world, and I thought it would end with a big old martial-artsy showdown with Michelle and Sonequa [Martin-Green]. 

And how about that fight? Isaacs said the fight was filmed over the course of one day, and called Michelle Yeoh a “martial arts legend.” (Which she is.)

Isaacs told TVLine: “She can move eight times faster than my eyes and head can register. [Laughs] And if it was going to look like a proper fight, I was going to have to up my game.”

Isaacs had only wonderful things to say about the other actor participant in the fight, series star Sonequa Martin Green.

It wasn’t a surprise that [Michelle] was brilliant. The surprise, actually, was Sonequa. A couple times when I was watching from a distance, I thought it was her stunt double, who is a brilliant fighter. Because Sonequa has perfect lines. It’s often about cleanliness in fights: Can you make these moves bold and clear? And she looked like she was a Nintendo fighting warrior. She was so good.

With Mirrorverse Lorca seemingly gone (though you never can trust that mycelial network), it’s perhaps time to focus on Primeverse Lorca, who we know very little about. Here’s how Isaacs understands the Prime Lorca/Mirror Lorca split…

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“There was a Prime Lorca,” Isaacs told Entertainment Weekly. “He was captain of the Buran in the Prime world. He swapped with him and found himself captain of the Buran.”

This never came out, this backstory detail we never put in the dialogue: Although Lorca spins this story having had to sacrifice the men on Buran and had to blow them up to save them from Klingon torture. Actually, if I remember correctly, there was some kind of DNA identification that would have exposed Lorca as not being Prime Lorca, and so he blew up the ship and killed everyone on it.

Damn, Mirrorverse Lorca was one determined, cutthroat dude—something Isaacs said is much more apparent upon a second watch.

“Along the way, these things can ambiguously look like I’m either being particularly headstrong as a warrior, or noble and self-sacrificial,” Isaac told TVLine. “But really, it’s always about getting the ship ready, and priming Burnham so that she feels an irrational loyalty to me, and is happy to think outside the Federation box.”

Clues along the way include Lorca picking up Burnham, a mutineer, pretty much all of his interactions with Admiral Cornwell, and pushing Stamets to his limits and beyond when it came to the spore drive.

How different is Prime Lorca from his counterpart?

“Maybe he’s not that different,” Isaacs told TVLine. “Maybe none of us are that different from the mirror versions of ourselves. It’s just a question of our attitude on the day. I have to say, quite often, particularly if I don’t have some caffeine in the morning, I am the mirror version of myself.” Something to think about, folks. Don’t forget to drink your morning coffee! 

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