Star Trek: Discovery – Harry Mudd is “More Dastardly”

Rainn Wilson is envisioning a different kind of Harry Mudd for a different kind of Federation in Star Trek: Discovery.

Of all the things to look forward to in Star Trek: Discovery (and if the latest trailer is anything to go on, there are quite a few), the new Harry Mudd is rapidly climbing our list. For one thing, this is a character who hasn’t had all that much time in the Star Trek universe, only appearing in two original series episodes, and one animated episode, all with the brilliant Roger C. Carmel in the role.

So getting Rainn Wilson (The Office) to step into Carmel’s boots for a new interpretation of Harcourt Fenton Mudd is an exciting prospect, both for the audience and the actor. “It’s incredible to play Harry Mudd,” Wilson said at a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con. “I grew up watching the show.”

But as we’ve seen in the trailers, things are a little different at the time Discovery is set, and Wilson’s Harry Mudd will reflect that. “Let’s remember this particular universe is a very dark time for the Federation and for Starfleet with this war happening,” Wilson said. “I don’t think it would be appropriate in this universe to have as many kind of jolly wackadoodle episodes like we did in the original series and The Next Generation. That’s one of the wonderful things about Star Trek, is you could have some episodes that are almost comedies.”

Even accounting for that comedic element, this might be a slightly darker Harry Mudd than we’ve seen before. “This Harry Mudd is kind of a reimagining or reinvention, in the same way that so many things have been reinvented,” Wilson said. “He’s a bit more dastardly than the original. But that character made such an impression on me. It’s a dream come true to try and bring him to life with as much drama and comedy as possible.”

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We’re looking forward to whatever shenanigans ol’ Harcourt Fenton Mudd gets up to, Tribbles or no Tribbles. Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS, before moving to CBS All Access.

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