Stan Against Evil: Evie Finds Instant Birth Control in This Exclusive Clip

Demons? Giant Babies? Find out what's haunting Stan Against Evil this week.

At this point, Stan Against Evil is known for pulling from classic horror tropes and putting their unique spin on them. You know what’s an effective and popular one? Demonic babes! Innocent-looking little rugrats who can kill… now that will send a shiver down your spine. 

In tonight’s episode, Denise, Stan, and Evie confront a killer baby and a magic rattle. We have an exclusive clip from the episode from episode six, which you can watch below: 

“Instant birth control” is a hell of a line. Killer babies will do that to you.

We’ll have review of BOTH of tonight’s episodes (IFC likes to air two new ones each week) as soon as they’re finished airing live. If you want to follow along with all of our coverage from Stan Against Evil season 2, click here! 

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