Snoopy in Space Apple TV Special Debuting This Fall

Snoopy goes where no dog has gone before in this upcoming Apple TV+ special.

Snoopy in Space Apple TV

Apple has announced a new Peanuts special which will see Snoopy take a trip into space. 

The appropriately named Snoopy in Space will follow Snoopy (naturally), as he dreams of going to space. As it just so happens, Snoopy and Woodstock tag along on a field trip to NASA (we’d like to go to this dog-friendly school) where the gang learns that NASA is recruiting for a mission into space. 

As you might imagine, Snoppy is chosen to participate in this mission. While that makes Snoopy the most unlikely candidate to go into space since NASA decided that only Bruce Willis can save the world in Armageddon, he will have Charlie Brown and the gang helping him back at mission control. 

The brief trailer we get for the short shows Snoopy dreaming that he’s in space while he is, in fact, atop his dog house. Oh, Snoopy…won’t you ever learn. Charlie Brown wishes that he could just have a normal dog, which feels like kind of a jerk move considering that the dog he happens to have may be going into space and our dogs can’t even go into most bars in Brooklyn. 

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As noted in the tweet announcing this special, Snoopy in Space will celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. Make that your excuse to either revisit some Peanuts classics or even some space exploration classics like the aforementioned Armageddon, Event Horizon, and Galaxy Quest. Maybe there are other space exploration movies, but we don’t know about them. Quite frankly, we don’t want to know about them. 

Snoopy in Space is set to debut on Apple TV+ sometime in the Fall. 

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