SKAM Austin: Episode Guide, Release Date, Trailer, and News

SKAM Austin has launched via Facebook Watch! Here's everything you need to know...

It’s happening! SKAM Austin, aka the American adaptation of Norwegian teen drama Skam, has hit the interwebz (and we’re very excited about it). Here’s our review of the latest full episode.

Facebook Watch launched its SKAM Austin page, and started releasing clips on Tuesday, April 24th. For more information on the best way to “watch” the show so you don’t miss and social media posts or moments, check out our SKAM Austin Watch Guide.

The show follows Meg, a teenager living in Austin, Texas. Thus far, we see that Meg struggles with school and has parents who fight a lot. She seems to have had a falling out with her best friend, Abigail, and the dance team she used to be a part of. She spends most of her time with boyfriend Marlon.

Check out the first clip below, then head over to the SKAM Austin page to discover more of the story…


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SKAM Austin Episode Guide

Click on the blue links to read reviews of the episode!

SKAM Austin Week 1

In which we meet Megan, an Austin-based teen struggling with loneliness from the recent falling out with her best friend, Abby. 

Original air date: April 27, 2018

SKAM Austin Week 2

In which Megan, Grace, Kelsey, Jo, and Zoya form a dance team (of losers), and Megan confronts Marlon about his relationship with Abby.

Original air date: May 4, 2018

Skam Austin Release Date

SKAM Austin started releasing “episodes” on Tuesday, April 24th at 3:40 p.m. CST. You can watch the mini-episodes via Facebook Watch.

Here is a full list of the Instagram accounts linked to the show, which gives us some insight into the cast of characters:

Meg’s Instagram: @meglovessmoothies

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Grace’s Instagram: @maryswanson01

Marlon’s Instagram: @marlonf9000

Abigail’s Instagram: @abby_tabby

Josefina’s Instagram: @my_name_is_jo_in_spanish

Kelsey’s Instagram: @kelseybear2002

Shay’s Instagram: @shay_dee_bootie

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Tyler’s Instagram: @yeee.tyler

Jordan’s Instagram: @juicey_jo

And two more general Instagram account: @overheardbouldin and @thebouldinkittens.

SKAM Austin Trailer

OK, so it’s more like a mood-setter than a trailer, but the SKAM Austin Facebook page released these images from the upcoming show. Check it out…

And here’s the official description of the show from Facebook Watch:

“SKAM Austin” tells realistic and authentic stories from the lives of American teenagers. SKAM offers an unfiltered look at what teens are dealing with today head on, with characters that don’t hold back and relationships that unfold real-time across social media. SKAM is about standing up to shame. It is about owning and being yourself, even when you aren’t mainstream and “accepted.”

In addition to the series featuring relevant, captivating characters and topics that relate to teens across the spectrum, the series introduces a new style of digital storytelling with all clips and video content posting with the illusion of the scenes happening in real time. Further blending the line between content and reality, each character will have their own Instagram profile.

Content will begin to roll out in real time, including character’s Instagram profiles which will be linked to the show page. Additionally, the first video will drop on the show page on Tuesday, April 24.

Executive producers for “SKAM Austin” are Julie Andem, Simon Fuller, Per Blankens, and Sarah Heyward. Andem also serves as writer and director and Heyward also serves as writer.

SKAM Austin Setting

SKAM Austin is obviously set in Austin, but it is more specifically set at Bouldin Creek, a neighborhood in the Texan city. You can see more about the Bouldin school vibe from these Instagram dance team videos from the Bouldin Kittens…

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Poms first

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There’s also this video promoting tryouts for the Bouldin Kittens dance team.

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Tryouts are coming up! Are you ready?

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And this one showing the Bouldin Kittens’ dressing room.

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Mannequin Challenge 2016!!

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SKAM Austin Showrunner

As mentioned in the above description, SKAM Austin‘s showrunner is Julie Andem, aka the Norwegian creator and showrunner. This is great news for fans of the original drama, as Andem’s extensive interview process, compassionate vision, and impressive execution made this show what it was.

To find out about the other Skam adaptations currently in production around the world, check out this article.