Shipwrecked: the lost diaries

Not everyone on reality TV can be a star. But there are some people who could really make a bit more effort

South Pacific

Here are the diary entries that didn’t quite make it onto Shipwrecked’s Hutcam Diaries show:


I never used to like being out here on this gorgeous tropical island, but I tried ‘talking’ four weeks ago, and it’s amazing! You open your mouth, force air over your vocal chords, and sound comes out! If only anyone could understand a word I’m saying, they could stop wearing my kilt as their exclusive means of communication with me. I’m having a real experience of a lifetime.


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I love being out here on Tiger Island. We just get to play games all day long! Wow, I love to play games. Playing games is great. Yesterday I was with the other Tiger girls and they said we should all have a race to the pontoon. I got there first, and I couldn’t even see the others behind me! It was so much fun, although they didn’t seem to be that fussed about it when I got back. It’s strange, because we’re all so close, like family, not like those Sharks. They definitely didn’t like to play games. Not like here on Tigers. I’m here for a real game-playing experience of a lifetime.

Ella. Plus Kim, for that matter

*whistling, empty sound. Possibly tumbleweed*


It was awful when I first got here, some bloke had left the islands and I had to let everyone else know. For me, it was just awful that I had to do it. When I told them all, everyone was really upset for me that I’d had to tell them, and it was obvious they were thinking about how brave it was for me to do that by myself. I don’t think anyone will forget that moment when I really shone through. I’m here to have my real experience of my lifetime for me.


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Coming out onto the islands I was utterly petrified, but it’s fabulous here. Me and the girls really get on, they’re absolute nutters. My Daddy used to have an island like this when I was younger. The girls on that island used to love getting things for me, cooking my food, taking care of me. They were lovely! Whenever they seemed bothered by doing it, they always seemed to disappear. Daddy must have paid for them to go on holiday or something. I think the girls here would like to do stuff for me too. That would be lovely. That would be a real experience of a lifetime for them.