She-Ra Season 4 Ending Explained

With the ending totally shifting the world of She-Ra, we go over exactly what happened in order to figure out where Season 5 will be going.

She-Ra Season 4 Ending Explained

This article features nothing but She-Ra Season 4 spoilers. Read our spoiler-free review here.

Phew, have we all recovered from that ending yet? Boy, it took She-Ra Season 4 a few episodes to get going but once it did we got nothing but revelation after revelation about the world of Etheria, Hordak, She-Ra, and Horde Prime. That ending was so intense you may have missed a few details or have a ton of questions. I’m going to do my best to answer them.

What Happened To She-Ra’s Powers?

As Light Hope’s First Ones weapon was activated, She-Ra was being pulled into its power. It seemed that Entrapta was right, that Adora would have no say in being used as its conduit. However, Adora (possibly with some help from the faulty Light Hope) was able to break free and shatter her sword. This disrupted the weapon and stopped it… for the moment anyway.

This act caused Adora to lose her She-Ra powers, at least for now. The sword was shattered but we do see the pieces are still intact. Perhaps Adora will be able to reforge the show but not have it be connected to the weapon? Look, the show is still called She-Ra. She’ll find a way to power-up again, but for now? Adora will have to rely on her own strength to save the universe. Speaking of which…

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Where Is Etheria?

Mara was able to pull Etheria into another dimension to stop the First Ones weapon from being used. However, when the people was booting up again Light Hope was able to pull Etheria back into what we can only call the “wider” universe. It’s now out of the Dimension of Despondos and is free to be attacked by Horde Prime’s armada of ships.

This also means that Adora is back in the dimension of her birth. Could this mean we’re closer to getting some kind of appearance from other classic Masters of the Universe characters? We had heard a mention of Eternia at one point, right? Maybe Adora and the others will find another group of freedom fighters out in the universe. 

Horde Prime and Hordak

With Etheria now out in the wider universe, Horde Prime’s ships are seen in the sky over the planet. Glimmer, Hordak, and Catra are taken up to Horde Prime’s ship. There it appears Glimmer’s magic doesn’t work. Is Horde Prime able to block magic? Maybe she’s just drained from the weapon. Whatever the case, Horde Prime has bigger things to worry about.

Horde Prime is angry with Hordak, whom he calls his “little brother.” Despite Hordak’s pleas that he was only trying to prove he was worthy, Horde Prime doesn’t care. He shoots some kind of cables or tentacles into Hordak, saying he’ll be “reconditioned.” Since Hordak is some kind of clone of Horde Prime, maybe this will revert him to a more dutiful servant/general? We’ll have to see.

We do learn a little about Horde Prime in this scene. He apparently justifies his conquest of the galaxy as a desire for “peace and order.’ That doesn’t mean he’ll spare Etheria, he’s ready to wipe it out until Catra stops him.

What Will Happen In She-Ra Season 5?

Catra pitches Etheria as a super weapon to Horde Prime, which intrigues him. He wants to control Etheria and make it “the jewel of my empire.” After threatening to kill her moments before, Horde Prime suddenly treats Glimmer well. Is this so he can use her power?

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Catra and Glimmer share a look during this exchange, hinting the two will work together in She-Ra Season 5. Maybe they’ll pretend to work with Horde Prime to learn more information about him. We’ll also most likely see the reconditioning process for Hordak.

The biggest plot thread will be Adora and the rest of the characters going out to save the universe! This won’t be easy, what with Horde Prime having an armada. Still, the princesses have been in tough positions before and there’s been quite a few characters introduced over the past four seasons. If anyone can find a way to fight Horde Prime? It’s Adora.

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