Shameless Season 9 Episode 14 Trailer and News

Shameless Season 9 is almost over, and things are looking... up? Wow. Thus enters the new trailer for the season finale.

Shameless Season 9

There must be an afterlife, because someone up on a great, fluffy cloud really likes Frank Gallagher. Dangerously so for the members of his community he still is allowed to torment. And as Hurricane Monica is the only person, living or dead, that could still give a damn about the Gallagher of most ill-repute… well you do the math. Thus Gallagher clan continue to see their ever incredulous fortunes rise. How else to explain Showtime renewing Shameless Season 9?! It might be the last year with Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan among the cast, but with still six episodes left, it should make for an extended Irish goodbye!

Here is the trailer and synopsis for the next episode, titled “Found.”

Here is the synopsis:

As the Gallaghers decide what to do with a bedridden Frank, Fiona has to make a decision about her future; Carl and Debbie share their heartbreak together; Lip has to deal with a distressed Tami.

Shameless Episode 9 Episodes

Below is our Shameless season 9 episode guide. You should note that those including review excerpts can be clicked on below the sample.

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 1: Are You There, Shim? It’s Me, Ian.

Frank gets into trouble with the Hopkins Academy PTA. Fiona struggles with her decision to bail Ian out of jail, while he continues his Gay Jesus antics inside. Lip juggles taking care of Xan with a potential romance. Season premiere.

Shameless Season 9 Episode 2: Mo White

The second episode of season 9 is not quite as strong as the premiere, but it still comes out of the gate swinging and by maintaining last week’s strongest element: Frank Gallagher’s incorrigible awfulness as a human being. Since losing both his bedroom disciples on the PTA, as well as their silverware cabinets to pay for his drinking, Frank has wound up in the worst place imaginable—sober. Too poor to even buy a single beer at the Alibi, Frank comes upon the realization that an easy get-sloshed-quick scheme involves going into politics.

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 3: Weirdo Gallagher Vortex

It wasn’t Shameless’ finest hour, and for the sake of the season, I hope many of the plots start complementing each other better, as the series always works best when Gallaghers are all on the frontlines together, holding hands as they disappear into that titular vortex’s goodnight. But it is still one episode I’m happy to drink with… just maybe not at the Alibi while Frank and Mo White are buying.

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 4: Do Right, Vote White!

So Shameless got political tonight. Or at least more so than usual, as the congressional election for Chicago’s Southside was apparently held in roughly late May/early June (the school year still isn’t over), and Mo White went back to Congress and back to being the creepy pervert. This is America. It’s a bleak message, but fitting for the show and perhaps fitting for our times as Mo White’s ascension is meant to parallel beat by beat Donald Trump’s surprise electoral college victory (albeit with no Russian interference, here).  And given the last week and likely destiny of our Supreme Court, the success of predatory white aggrievement seems inescapable. But why revel in the pessimism? Most of “Do Right, Vote White!” was a darkly hilarious affair, so let’s get to wrapping our arms around it like a Supreme Court nominee doing a keg stand.

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Episode 5: Black-Haired Ginger

Frank’s new liver medication comes with tragic side effects. Ian tries to get away from Fiona’s hovering. Lip has to keep himself occupied during a day of temptation. Carl makes a connection at a West Point mixer. Debbie tries to repair things with Alex.

Shameless Season 9 Episode 6: Face It, You’re Gorgeous

Goodbye, Ian Gallagher. The title of the episode might be about the inherent beauty of everyone—including presumably (or especially) Ian. For the hour has become the expected, and dreaded, farewell to who is many viewers’ favorite Gallagher. Yet it didn’t play that way. In fact, if Monaghan had not made the announcement himself beforehand, I suspect many would have treated it like the seasons where Carl went off to juvenile hall or boot camp mid-season (“Oh Monaghan must have some other project so is leaving early, see you next year!”). Alas, this is the end, which makes the choice to primarily treat this as merely another hour of Gallagher hijinks an intriguing and honest one. However, I cannot deny it was still a disappointing direction go in.

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 7: Down Like the Titanic

Rossum is an excellent dramatic actress and plays Fi’s pity party well. The show mocks it a little bit with Debs cracking of “ugly crying,” but it is constructed toward Rossum’s strengths, and slowly I sense we are seeing season 4 Fiona emerge again, for better and worse. Season 4 was one of the show’s best years, if not one of our favorite for the Gallagher den mother, and when things are bad for her, she has a habit of making them worse. The hint of that despair comes when she is throwing a “Welcome Home” party for herself—now a literal pity party—that the rest of the fam is invited to watch. For the moment, they’re on her side, but I imagine if Rossum wasn’t leaving the series, a major plot element of season 10 would’ve been about hitting that wall, again. Because the show is more cyclical than it is about evolution. A cynic might say that also holds true of human nature.

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Season 9 Episode 8: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Alibi

Yep, the twisted world of South Side debauchery returns for the second half of Shameless’ ninth season, which is also now acting like a long goodbye to Fiona. After nine years of watching her grow, regress, and grow again, we are definitely in the second regression stage that every Shameless character’s journey must go through for the series to extend. So knowing that Emmy Rossum is also looking for the exits makes tonight’s hour bittersweet, as there is no way for Fiona to leave the series now without it feeling like a downer. It’s also because we’ve seen this all before.

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Season 9 Episode 9: BOOOOOOOOONE!

As this series was originally conceived as circling William H. Macy’s Frank getting into humorous debauchery, it makes sense to depict Frank facing his debauched mistake again: fatherhood—or really grand-fatherhood because there is only so many episodes before he bails and tries to shirk responsibility for the babies on poor, poor Carl. In the meantime, he learns that due to the logic of the most loosey-goosey fertility clinic in America, he and Ingrid are going to have sextuplets—six children in one litter. The number was not chosen by accident considering that it is a one fell-swoop replica of the six progenies he failed. The idea that he could do it all again (and allegedly better) in his twilight years is an absurdity even the show won’t entertain.

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Season 9 Episode 10: Los Diablos!

I do not write that because I wish to see the Gallaghers, particularly Fiona Gallagher, suffer. But too often a glib one-liner or a downbeat plot twist is used to write the characters out of facing the totality of their mistakes, just as often as the writers of the series attempt to sabotage any Gallagher’s prospects of a budding middle class future. But in times like these, despair is a fair instinct. As Kev apologizes to Santiago and his family, you’ve caught us at a bad moment. One where optimism seems naïve and narrative shortcuts a little too convenient. Tonight Shameless considered going the long way on all subplots not involving Frank; the consequences were dreadful but in their own perverse way cathartic.

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Season 9 Episode 11: The Hobo Games

The answer, I think, is something a little sadder than that. As we realize by this episode’s truly heartbreaking cliffhanger, the writer’s room has not actually forgotten the recent reintroduction of consequence (well, sans the Frank/Ingrid storyline); they’re just recalibrating for Emmy Rossum’s exit from the series. In fact, we knew that it wasn’t until mid-production of season 9’s back-half that producers knew for sure that Rossum was leaving Shameless after nine seasons, and I suspect this episode’s time-jump is the first hour we can actually see that transition affecting the storytelling. It is the hour where most of the remaining Gallaghers—mainly Debbie, Carl, and Lip—saw their narrative threads intertwine in a way almost completely devoid of Fiona’s influence, and then it’s also the one that ends with Lip’s commandment to Fi: he wants his big sister “out of the fucking house.”

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Episode 12: You’ll Know The Bottom When You Hit It

I thought it worthy of mentioning after tonight’s episode since Lip has seemingly and almost entirely forgotten those times—and also because other than when dealing with Lip and Fiona’s competing dramas, “You’ll Know the Bottom When You Hit It” really didn’t offer a whole lot in the way of what should feel like a rising crisis in the Gallagher family. In fact, Shameless broke its own golden rule by refusing to put family first for really any of the Gallaghers except, strangely, Frank. Otherwise Debbie and Carl went about their horrendous love triangle subplot that no one cares about, as if nothing that happened to Fiona mattered, Liam was AWOL, and Franny was a prop. Altogether, that feeling of camaraderie amongst the siblings in season 1 was much more tangibly, and painfully, gone by the contrast. As was my interest in Debs and Carl.


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Episode 13: Lost

The real goodbye begins. While tonight’s episode of Shameless only revealed its exit strategy for Fiona Gallagher in the final moments, in which her scuzzy yet strangely forthright business partner offered her a quasi-deus ex machina (we’ll get to that), the whole episode felt like the true beginning of Shameless’ farewell to Emmy Rossum. A week ago, she and Lip were practically coming to blows, but tonight they’ve reached a level of détente and even grace as he supports his sister’s strength—a surprise given how little faith he seemed to have in her two weeks ago. It might feel expedited for the sake of narrative efficiency with only two episodes left, but it was something else—authentically Gallagher.

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Shameless Season 9 Cast

The series of course stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum as a father (in the biological sense) and daughter trying to keep a family together on Chicago’s South Side, which also includes all our favorites, Lip (Jeremy Allen White), Ian (Cameron Monaghan), Debbie (Emma Kenney), plus wee Baby Liam (Christian Isaiah). There is also then the chosen family of Vernoica and Kev (Shanolah Hampton and Steve Howie).

But newcomers in season 9 will include Dan Lauria who plays Mo White, a disgraced ex-Congressman modeled after John Edwards, and soon to be “fixer-upper” project for Frank Gallagher. Ashley Romans will meanwhile plays Alex, a tough construction worker who everyone keeps mistaking for a man.

However, the biggest aspect of note is that it will also mark the final season for Rossum and Monagham. Monaghan stayed on for the first six episodes, with a planned (but secret) departure scheduled for mid-season. His character Ian was sent to prison. However, Rossum elected to leave before the final two episodes were written or shot, so that will certainly play a major role in how the ending is conceived.

Shameless Season 9 Return Date

The second half of Shameless season 9 began on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019.

Shameless Season 9 Trailers

The official trailer for Shameless is right here!

Meanwhile, the first few “teasers” for Shameless season 9 don’t actually retain any new footage, unfortunately. However, Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton, Fi and V on the series, narrate the first, which offers rare behind-the-scenes footage from the first few seasons, as well as a reminder of season 8, as they coo to viewers and season 9 alike, as if we’re all about to be born on Shameless‘ September due date. And maybe we are?

Shameless Season 9 Story Details

Clearly political resistance (and the chance to exploit it) will be a major factor of season 9. As per the logline from Deadline:

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In season nine, political fervor hits the South Side and the Gallaghers take justice into their own hands. A few highlights — Frank (Macy) sees financial opportunity in campaigning and decides to give voice to the underrepresented South Side working man. Fiona (Rossum) tries to build on her success with her apartment building and takes an expensive gamble hoping to catapult herself into the upper echelon. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) distracts himself from the challenges of sobriety by taking in Eddie’s niece, Xan (Amirah Johnson). Ian (Cameron Monaghan) faces the consequences of his crimes as the Gay Jesus movement takes a destructive turn.