Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: The Order

Our genre television podcast hosts take on Netflix's recently renewed supernatural drama The Order, which features witches and werewolves.

Jake Manley as Jack in The Order

We’ve been discussing quite a few supernatural shows lately on Sci Fi Fidelity, from A Discovery of Witches to Always a Witch, and even our recent interview with Brittany Curran of The Magicians. At first blush, The Order on Netflix may seem very much like The Magicians with its hidden society of magic users on a college campus, but with the introduction of the opposing werewolf force, the show becomes eminently discussable.

A big part of the podcast discussion is the immediate family chemistry between protagonist Jack Morton (Jake Manley) and his grandfather (Matt Frewer) and the undeniable sparks between Jack and his mentor in the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey). Since the pilot of The Order was admittedly shaky, the character dynamics along with some skillfully humorous dialogue built the audience connection that the story itself took a bit of time to establish on its own.

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The podcast was recorded before the announcement came through about The Order scoring a season 2 renewal, but it’s a good thing since, as we discuss in the “spoiler zone” segment, the finale cliffhanger left us with a lot of questions. After spending so much time rooting for the Knights of St. Christopher, it was difficult to see such a significant new problem arise for Jack and his friends just as the curtain fell, but we’re certainly anxious to see how it turns out next year.

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The Order didn’t get a ton of publicity before showin up on the scene. Did you catch the show on Netflix? Once you have, be sure to subscribe to Sci Fi Fidelity so that you can download this episode along with our other weekly discussions, or simply listen below!

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