Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: Monthly TV Discussions & Interviews

Tune in each month as hosts Mike and Dave break down the genre television shows that deserve your attention.

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In this golden age of television, it’s easy for great science fiction shows to slip under the radar. Luckily, Mike Ahr and Dave Vitagliano are here to help! In this monthly podcast, the guys discuss one show each that deserves your attention as well as a topic of interest to fans of genre TV. They are then joined by actors, producers, or other talent from their favorite shows to discuss the creative process.

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Sci Fi Fidelity 2017: Latest Episode

Episode 22: Spinoff Characters, Star Trek Discovery, The Good Place, Dirk Gently

Spinoff Characters: characters who deserve their own shows – 2:21Star Trek Discovery: season 1 on CBS All Access – 13:50The Good Place: season 2 on NBC – 34:19Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Interview: Samuel Barnett – 49:02

Episode 21: Female Royalty, The Orville, The Last Ship, Channel Zero

Sci Fi Royalty: discussing the iconic women of genre television – 2:09The Orville: season 1 on FOX – 18:05The Last Ship: season 4 on TNT – 30:01Channel Zero Interview: showrunner Nick Antosca – 49:40

BONUS: Blood Drive

Blood Drive Interview: composer Michael Gatt, season 1

Episode 20: Male Royalty, Midnight Texas, Salvation, Killjoys

Sci Fi Royalty: discussing the iconic men of genre TV – 2:04Midnight, Texas: season 1 on NBC – 12:28Salvation: season 1 on CBS – 26:58Killjoys Interview: showrunner Michelle Lovretta – 46:20

BONUS: Stephan Zlotescu & Scott Glassgold

Blackpills Short Form Series Interview: producers Stephan Zlotescu & Scott Glassgold

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Episode 19: Short Form Series, The Mist, Killjoys, Preacher

Short Form Series: sci-fi with shorter episodes – 2:21The Mist: season 1 on SpikeTV- 21:11Killjoys: season 3 on Syfy – 36:55Preacher Interview: Graham McTavish – 51:22

Episode 18: Shows To Rewatch, The Handmaid’s Tale, Blood Drive, Wynonna Earp

Shows To Rewatch: these classics should be revisited – 2:18The Handmaid’s Tale: season 1 on Hulu – 16:51Blood Drive: season 1 on Syfy – 36:25Wynonna Earp Interviews: Melanie Scrofano & Tim Rozon – 49:56

Episode 17: Shows You Missed, American Gods, Lucifer, Fringe

Shows You Missed: recommended under the radar gems – 3:19American Gods: season 1 on Starz – 28:20Lucifer: season 2 on FOX – 38:44Fringe Interviews: Lance Reddick & Seth Gabel – 49:07

Episode 16: Missed Shows, iZombie, Humans, Dimension 404

Shows We Missed: classic genre fare we’ve never seen – 2:30iZombie: season 3 on The CW – 18:04Humans: season 2 on AMC – 29:34Dimension 404 Interview: showrunner Dez Dolly – 48:54

Episode 15: Finales, Legion, The 100, Humans

Season Finales: what we like in a good cliffhanger ending – 2:20Legion: season 1 on FX – 19:31The 100: season 4 on The CW – 37:15Humans Interview: Ruth Bradley – 53:46

Episode 14: Apocalypses, The Magicians, Colony, The Expanse

Apocalypses: disastrous worlds we’d least mind living in – 2:20The Magicians: season 2 on Syfy – 28:45Colony: season 2 on USA Network – 41:38The Expanse Interview: showrunner Naren Shankar – 59:03

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Episode 13: Spaceship Characters, Travelers, Emerald City, The Magicians

Spaceship Characters: spacefaring vessels that became beloved characters – 3:34Travelers: season 1 on Netflix – 27:20Emerald City: season 1 on NBC – 43:31The Magicians Interview: showrunner Sera Gamble – 57:40

Sci Fi Fidelity 2016:

BONUS: Trollhunters

Trollhunters Interview: conductor Tim Davies, season 1 on Netflix

Episode 12: Androids, The Librarians, The Man in the High Castle, Travelers

Androids: human-like robots that best reflect the human condition – 3:42The Librarians: season 3 on TNT – 19:04The Man in the High Castle: season 2 on Amazon – 31:09Travelers Interview: producers Eric McCormack & Brad Wright – 44:23

Episode 11: Black Mirror, Mars, Dirk Gently, Van Helsing

Black Mirror: season 3 on Netflix – 2:53Mars: event series on Nat Geo – 21:51Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: season 1 on BBC America – 35:17Van Helsing Interview: Kelly Overton & Simon Barry – 50:30

Episode 10: Adaptations, Westworld, Channel Zero, Falling Water

Adaptations: when movies, books, or comics come to TV – 2:36Westworld: season 1 on HBO – 22:37Channel Zero: season 1 on Syfy – 37:37Falling Water Interview: David Ajala – 47:53

Episode 9: Fall Genre TV Lineup, Z Nation

Fall Genre TV Lineup: what we’re watching each day of the week this fall – 5:37Z Nation Interview: composer Jason Gallagher – 48:02

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Episode 8: Time Travel, Van Helsing, Stranger Things, Aftermath

Time Travel: the predominance of timey-wimey on TV this fall – 1:59Van Helsing: season 1 on Syfy – 26:20Stranger Things: season 1 on Netflix – 37:16Aftermath Interview: Anne Heche & James Tupper – 46:02

Episode 7: Conventions, Penny Dreadful, Killjoys, Dark Matter

Conventions: the role of fan conventions for actors & shows – 3:08Penny Dreadful: season 3 on Showtime – 28:01Killjoys: season 2 on Syfy – 36:14Dark Matter Interview: showrunner Joseph Mallozzi – 44:36

Episode 6: Showrunners, Outlander, Preacher, Blake Neely

Showrunners: pros & cons of producers participating in fandom – 2:30Outlander: season 2 on Starz – 26:01Preacher: season 1 on AMC – 29:43Blake Neely Interview: composer from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow – 38:20

BONUS: Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines Interview: composer Charlie Clouser, season 2 on FOX

Episode 5: Orphan Black, 12 Monkeys, Emily Hampshire

Orphan Black: season 4 on BBC America – 1:4012 Monkeys: season 2 on Syfy – 24:1812 Monkeys Interview: Emily Hampshire – 43:32Reboots & Revivals: upcoming reimaginings of all categories in the coming year – 57:09

Episode 4: Wynonna Earp, Agents of SHIELD, Hunters

Wynonna Earp: season 1 on Syfy – 1:41Agents of SHIELD: season 3 on ABC – 25:40Hunters Interview: Britne Oldford – 47:42Advanced Digital Releases: the benefits of dropping a premiere early – 62:39

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BONUS: Daredevil

Daredevil Interview: composer John Paesano, season 2 on Netflix

Episode 3: Legends of Tomorrow, Colony, 11.22.63

Legends of Tomorrow: season 1 on The CW – 1:3511.22.63: season 1 on Hulu – 17:47Colony Discussion & Interview: showrunner Ryan Condal – 37:372016 Saturn Awards: discussing this year’s nominees – 55:09

Episode 2B: The X-Files, The 100, Supergirl

The 100: season 3 on The CW – 2:20The X-Files: season 10 (revival) on FOX – 21:04Supergirl Interview: Laura Vandervoort – 47:06Shipping: how focusing on relationships affects viewing – 58:51

Episode 2A: The X-Files Supplement

The X-Files: a classic revived – 0:43The X-Files Lexicon Interview: Matt Allair – 33:06

Episode 1: Doctor Who, The Expanse, Dominique Tipper

Doctor Who: series 9 & Christmas Special – 4:59The Expanse: season 1 on Syfy – 27:08The Expanse Interview: Dominique Tipper – 47:54Bingewatching: delineating the benefits and pitfalls – 60:19