Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: Doom Patrol

Our genre television podcast hosts talk about Doom Patrol and their increasing love for the dark comedy trend in superhero shows.

Rita and Larry of Doom Patrol play Jenga

Doom Patrol caught the Sci Fi Fidelity podcast hosts by surprise. Unsure of what to expect from a superteam comprised of two cyborgs, a blob, an Invisble Man lookalike, and a woman with multiple personality disorder, we tackled this show on DC’s new streaming service with skepticism and absolutely no knowledge of the comic upon which it was based. The fact that Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame served as both narrator and villain was certainly a draw for these two sci-fi nerds, though.

After an uneven pilot, however, we realized that, as with The Umbrella Academy, we really like these unconventional hero tales, even when they sprinkle in familiar elements from other DC properties, such as S.T.A.R. Labs and Justice League. On the podcast, we explore the initial journey of the characters at Doom Manor up through their quite illuminating adventures at the charmingly named “Fuchtopia,” which is what really cemented our enjoyment of Doom Patrol.

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This episode of the podcast continues our newest practice of establishing a “Spoiler Zone” so that listeners who have not seen Doom Patrol can still listen to the beginning of our discussion to decide if they want to watch the show, especially considering it appears on yet another subscription service. Once the buzzer goes off, though, anything goes – listener beware!

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