Sarah Connor Chronicles: “consider it cancelled”

A new source quotes an insider who suggests the decision to end The Sarah Connor Chronicles has already been taken….

Summer Glau in The Sarah Connor Chronicles

It’s only a day since we posted a piece where we voiced our strong suspicion that the superb Sarah Connor Chronicles wouldn’t be getting a third season renewal from Fox. As we posted yesterday, the ratings for the finale saw no uplift, but according to a fresh source, the decision to can the show has already been made.

According to the usually reliable Ausiello Files over at Entertainment Weekly, “multiple sources are telling me that Fox will not be renewing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a third season”. The piece goes on to cite an insider who says “consider it cancelled”, with a further source adding “everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks”.

The article does cite one slight glimmer of hope, and that’s that Fox hasn’t formally confirmed a decision on the show yet, and is insisting that one hasn’t been made. It’s expected to confirm its line up for the fall season in the middle of May, but that’s likely to be the point where the bell finally tolls.

We hope all of this proves to be wrong. But we’ve got the same feeling as pretty much every other fan of the show who suspects that this one’s a done deal…

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