Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Confirmed

Sailor Moon Crystal season 2 is definitely happening, and we know which story is coming next.

When we last left off with Sailor Moon Crystal, the Black Moon arc had come to a close with a slightly cryptic (but not really) tease of “See you soon.” Many theorized that if another season was coming, any announcement about Sailor Moon Crystal season 2 would be reserved for when the final episode of Black Moon, originally streamed on the internet, aired on Japanese TV.

And they were right.

Episode 26 of Sailor Moon Crystal aired on Monday, September 28th, and that very day, Toei announced via the official Sailor Moon website and Twitter account that Crystal would continue with the Infinity Arc, which features the debut of fan favorite teen lesbian super-couple Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, as well as Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Senshi who, on a good day, shows up to destroy everything in sight. That would be when she’s not possessed by the Anti-Christ.

Infinity pits the Sailor Senshi, newly joined by Sailor Chibi Moon, against the Death Busters, aliens from a distant galaxy looking to set up shop here on Earth and rid the world of humanity in order to do it. They are led by Professor Tomoe, a mad scientist whose daughter, Hotaru, is the host for Mistress 9, the Messiah of Silence and right hand to the Pharoah 90, the real big bad seeking a shortcut to our world from his home galaxy.

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Since this threat comes from outside the solar system, it falls under the purview of Sailors Uranus and Neptune, whose first duty is to the realm and not necessarily the princess. Eventually joined by Sailor Pluto, these “Outer Senshi” butt heads with our heroines, who aren’t willing to sacrifice the innocent Hotaru to destroy the malevolent presence slumbering within her. Throw in an upgrade for Sailor Moon to Super Sailor Moon, a pair of lesbian characters whose complexity and idealized romance were way ahead of their time, and fun new dimensions to the mythology, and this arc boasts plenty of reasons it is a favorite amongst fans. Noted for its darkness, moral complexity and the completion of the Sailor Team, Infinity shows a marked improvement in the series’ writing and is where many fans of the manga feel creator Naoko Takeuchi really hit her stride.

With no announcement yet made on the last two arcs in the series, Dream and Stars, it’s uncertain whether this second order of episodes is just for Infinity, with the others to be released individually, or if it’s merely all that’s been announced of a larger episode order. Either way, Infinity marks the beginning of Sailor Moon Crystal season 2, Dark Kingdom and Black Moon having constituted Season 1.

As of now, the entire cast is returning for Sailor Moon Crystal season 2, which is already in production. So far, no changes in the creative team have been announced, so it can be assumed the whole gang is returning for another go-around.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Premiere Date

Season 1 streamed online at Hulu, NicoNico, CrunchyRoll, and Neon Alley on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. No announcement has been made regarding the premiere date or release schedule for Sailor Moon Crystal season 2.

We’ll update this piece as more information becomes available.

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