Sailor Moon Crystal Footage Leaks Online

We're just a few days away from the Sailor Moon Crystal premiere, but you can hear the opening and closing theme tunes here.

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer

*** UPDATE: You can read our review of the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal by clicking here. ***

While Sailor Moon Crystal’s proper premiere is set for this Saturday, July 5th, 2014 at 7 PM (Japan time), a preview screening was held on Monday, June 30th, which any Sailor Moon fan worth their salt can tell you is Usagi Tsukino’s birthday! Yes, I know the birthdays of all the other Senshi. Judge not.

Well, leakers gonna leak, so here we have some footage from the premiere episode. First, there’s the new theme song, “Moon Pride,” by Momoiro Clover Z, which most have by now rightly assumed is the song from the official trailer. And holy odango, does it rock!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this first video was removed. You can still read our breakdown of it right here. Sorry for the tease:

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Sweet pig-tailed messiah! This song is amazing! It’s got a great rhythm, a fantastic energy, and best of all, it’s cut to a strong sequence that gives time to the other Sailor Senshi that the previous themes rarely did. It also features Mamoru (not just Tuxedo Mask), whose outfit is nicely updated. Let’s hope they restore his manga age so that his and Usagi’s relationship isn’t too weird and inappropriate. Best of all, though, we get a shot of the Shitennou, Beryl’s four generals, something I think the original Dark Kingdom themes were always lacking. It’s only one shot in the entire sequence, but that’s all I need. Besides, they earned it!

The opening has a nice balance of civilian and action footage, and it really pumps you up for the show. Love “Moonlight Densetsu” as I do with all my heart (and I will sing along whenever I hear it), it never quite rocked me. Neither did “Sailor Star Song.” This opening does.

Next up is the transformation sequence by which Usagi becomes Sailor Moon. There are clearly some nods to the ’90s anime, namely the iconic pink ribbons which were never really a thing in the manga. Still, this sequence is like the original on crystal meth (heh-heh…crystal) and the energy and velocity with which everything happens stands in stark contrast to Usagi’s transformations from the 90’s anime, which — while undeniably majestic — always did seem to slow the momentum of the episode a bit. This new transformation sequence is punched up, kinetic, and gets the audience ready for some action! I also like that the light glinting off Usagi’s fingernails is properly prismatic, rather than just pink. It really gives it that Moon Prism Power kick!

Lastly, we have some random snippits. There’s a Silver Millennium dream, followed by Usagi’s classic morning panic. I like the update on Ikuko’s outfit, on all the character designs really. They’re subtle, updating the look while remaining very true to the original design. Hear that, Michael Bay? Do you? DO YOU?!?

Next, there’s a bit of Usagi and Luna’s first meeting, followed by the transformation sequence, and then a brief glimpse of Ami-chan! I, for one hope, she isn’t tapped as Mercury in the second episode. I’d like to see Usagi find her way just a bit before she gets some help. Maybe just another episode or two. That would do it.

Finally we get the ending theme, “Moon Rainbow,” also by Momoiro Clover Z.

WHOOPS. This one was taken down, too.  But we’ve got our reaction below, too…

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The visuals are very reminiscent of “Heart Moving,” Sailor Moon’s first ending theme. It’s just Serenity and Endymion, silhouetted under the night sky. The coloring on Serenity in one shot is even reminiscent of “Princess Moon,” the second closing theme from the ’90s anime. “Moon Rainbow” is nice, smooth ballad that doesn’t shy away from the overt romance of the show and its genre, but avoids getting saccharine or excessively lovey dovey. It seems more representative of the simultaneously naïve and complex nature of adolescent love, rather than the frilly fantasy of a schoolgirl who’s never been in it.

Altogether, so far the music in this new show feels like it has a lot more bite, and I look forward to hearing more of the score.

Hell, who am I kidding, I’m looking forward to everything about it!

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