Safe Trailer: Dexter’s Michael C. Hall Stars in Netflix Show

Michael C. Hall returns to TV on the Netflix crime drama, Safe, sporting a badass demeanor and a British accent.

Netflix crime series Safe not only represents Michael C. Hall’s return (as a star,) to the medium of television (in which he previously thrived on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s Six Feet Under), but also a nuanced take on the conventional, Taken style, “kidnapped daughter” action premise.

Safe Netflix Trailer

The first takeaway from the Safe trailer has to be the “Jenny, it’s daaad” British accent that the North Carolina-born Michael C. Hall is rocking on this series.

Here, Hall plays Tom Delaney, a widowed surgeon who lives an idyllic gated community life with his teenage daughter, Jenny (Amy James-Kelly). However, in what might be a fatalistic occurrence for the overprotective father, Jenny goes missing after a night out in a club. Unfortunately, the abduction might be connected to those closest to Tom and the dark secrets they apparently carry. Consequently, Tom’s investigation – aided by his friend, Pete (Marc Warren) and investigator Sophie (Amanda Abbington) – will burn some friendly bridges.

Safe Netflix Release Date

Safe will make its entire 8-episode debut season available to binge on Netflix on May 10.

The fact that Netflix bills the Safe trailer as “Season 1” might be considered an auspicious sign for future plans.

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Safe Netflix Details

Safe will be produced by Netflix in a partnership with France’s Canal+ under the purview of executive producers Richard Fee and Harlan Coben, the duo behind dark British dramas such as The Five and Paranoid, both of which saw U.S. distribution on Netflix.

The series will be a return of sorts to Netflix for Michael C. Hall, after having played U.S. president John F. Kennedy in a Season 2 episode of The Crown. Hall, the former Dexter and Six Feet Under star, also recently appeared in the comedy film, Game Night, as well as the 2016 Rebecca Hall-starring fact-based drama, Christine.

Fans of the BBC’s Sherlock should be delighted with the addition of Amanda Abbington, who played John Watson’s wife, Mary Watson, whose double life as a secret agent became the centerpiece of a storyline.