Russell T Davies reveals more about Torchwood: The New World

Get a boatload of hints and new information about Torchwood season four right here…


Production starts in just a month or two on the fourth season run of Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, and as we get closer and closer to cameras rolling, more and more details are starting to emerge. This latest batch of news has come directly from Davies himself, too, in a new interview he’s given to Collider.

Davies confirmed that time in the Torchwood universe will have moved on around two years, since the point when Children Of Earth was on air, and that Captain Jack Harkness has dealt with the events of that show. “We will deal with it properly, sensibly and intelligently,” Davies said.

He also confirmed, for want of a better word, that Children Of Earth was the new template for Torchwood. “Children of Earth left things almost formatless. They had no base, no authority and no mission, a lot of the time, except to survive. I thought that was very successful, and that is very much the template of the new Torchwood. They’re not working for the government. They’re not working for the police. They’re very much underground and trying to survive. They’ve taken extreme actions. They have friends, they have enemies and they have betrayals. I love that. What you saw in Children of Earth is the format now.”

Davies also confirmed that James Marsters isn’t in The New World. And, for now, he’s keeping mum on other casting matters.

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When asked, however, what he could say about season four of Torchwood, he did offer the following:

“It’s just heartfelt, really. What I mean by that is that the central issue goes to the heart of every one of us and every family. The questions it asks will cut right beneath your everyday life of work, sleep, food and family, and goes right to the heart of who we are and why we’re here. I think we’ll challenge you and disturb you.”

You can read the full interview over at Collider right here.

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