Robotech Academy Brings On Rick Hunter and Reveals Full Plot

More details for the Robotech Academy Kickstarter campaign are coming to light.

(Picture this in the style of the Robotech announcer) When we last left the Robotech Academy Kickstarter campaign, funding had just begun and little was known about the story other then that it was one originally conceived by Carl Macek, the creator of Robotech.

Now, after a little over two week of funding, the Kickstarter has nabbed the biggest Robotech star of all, Tony Oliver. Originally playing Rick Hunter in the Macross Saga of Robotech, Rick has been the fan favorite character for years and briefly reprised his role in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and Robotech: Love Live Alive. With the recent plot for the pilot revealed, we can guess how Rick might fit into the story.

Taking place during the time of Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech Academy follows a group of students, the decedents of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, at the titular academy. Also serving as a research center, the Academy becomes an inviting target. The main characters include child prodigy Wally and the swashbuckling teen pilot Lindsey, who was an associate and old rival of Sentinels character Jack Baker. When fanatics attack the academy, calling themselves the Children of Zor, they discover that new secrets of Robotechnology are hidden right under their noses throughout the Academy.

Echoing the original series, an unexpected space fold operation transports the Academy to an uncharted region of the galaxy, with limited Protoculute and no immediate way to get back home. So the group has to survive while trying to rendezvous with the REF, along the way discovering new secrets about the path of  Zors original ship that crash landed on Earth. 

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The series will also feature such familiar faces as Rolf Emerson, Commander Leonard, and Dr. Lang.

How does Rick Hunter into all this? My biggest guess would be he’ll show up at the start of the pilot, christening the Robotech Academy, before the SDF-3 takes off to Tirol. With the footage of the SDF-3 executing a space fold jump it supports the theory, although I hope Rick gets more to do then just have a few minutes of screen time like he did in Shadow Chronicles.

The plot is intriguing to me, bringing new secrets of Zors original ship and Robotechnology itself. I’m still fully behind this kickstarter and one can only hope the pilot they produce will lead to a full series.

In news about the Kickstarter, new rewards have been added. Art books, challenge coins, posters, sweatshirts, hats, mousepads, soundtracks, and even an animation cel from Robotech: The Sentinels. As of this writing the kickstarter is sitting at nearly $167,000 with 17 days to go. If you’re still not sure about pledging? Do it! The plot alone is worth the price of admission plus sweet rewards are just a nice incentive.

So check it out and stay tuned to Den of Geek for more updates on this and all other aspects of the Robotech universe!