Riverdale Music Video for Anything Goes is Insane

Watch as Josie breathes new life into the Cole Porter favorite in this extended Riverdale clip.

Riverdale Season 3 Josie Sings

As a Riverdale fan and critic, it’s not always easy to get behind some of the plotlines the show has thrown at me so far. A maple syrup blood feud? Sure, why not? Archie’s unrelenting stupidity? Ummm, weird but I guess.

Veronica running a speakeasy in the bottom of Pop’s though? I’ve not been a fan of this plan since first I learned of it last season. You see, part of the thing that I love about Riverdale are its head-scratching musical performances by the cast that come out of nowhere and work only because the internal logic of the show is so goofy. (Betty pole-dancing to “Mad World,” I’m side-eying in your direction).  So when I heard that Ronnie would be opening up her own secret club at Pop’s I immediately had Peach Pit After Dark flashbacks. It would be incredibly off-putting to see, say, Josie mixing it up with Cardi B or Death Cab for Cutie or whomever it is that people who are actually age-appropriate to be watching this show listen to as opposed to a fortysomething dude who is still waiting for The Ocean Blue to break through, but I digress.

My point is, Veronica’s speakeasy had the potential to take viewers right out of the show by showcasing pop hits of the moment. Here’s where I admit I was very, very wrong to make this assumption. First off, even if outsider musicians were showcased, given this show’d worship of Twin Peaks, any performances would most likely be akin to those featured in that show’s glorious revival. Second, and most importantly, this clip of Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) from tonight’s episode shows that Veronica’s new club is most definitely in line with the show’s firmly established aesthetic.

Take a look:


Sorry to all the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fans out there, but this is now the definitive pop culture performance of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” — a song that none-too-subtly reinforces the show’s mission statement.

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The speakeasy, which will go by the name of La Bonne Nuit, will also give the underused Kevin and Josie characters something more to do, with them serving as emcee and house band respectively. Form and function, people.

We’ll have more to say about the grand opening of La Bonne Nuit and it’s role on the series after tonight’s episode airs. Anything goes indeed.

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