Rick and Morty Season 3 Delay Explained

Dan Harmon took to Twitter to explain why Rick and Morty Season 3 is taking so darn long.

Some entertainment news sources far less reputable than this one recently ran with a story suggesting there’s been some internal strife behind the scenes of Rick and Morty between co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, which has led to the third season’s continued delay and could even spell its cancellation! Oh, no!

In actual point of fact, this was a total crock. As Harmon explained in a tweet thread, season three is so delayed simply because they took too long to write it. They didn’t want to muck it up, so they overthought it, chased perfectionism, and took a super-long time. On the bright side, we already got to see the season premiere and season premieres are usually really hard to make good and it was one of the best Rick and Morty episodes ever, so that bodes very well indeed.

No, we still don’t have a more concrete release date beyond summer (which, technically, is, uh, now), but they’re still making the show, okay? Everything’s fine. As Harmon explained, if he and Roiland had been fighting, they both would have been so vocal about it there would be no need for clickbait articles giving you the inside drama scoop. However, he then ended his tweet thread with “also JUSTIN IS A PIECE OF SHIT I’M GOING TO FIST FIGHT” so now you don’t know what to believe.

You can read Dan Harmon’s tweet thread here.

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