Rick and Morty Origins Video Series Kicks Off

Learn all about how people used to put videos onto the internet! Oh yeah, and Rick and Morty stuff, too.

Adult Swim has uploaded the first part of a video series entitled Rick and Morty Origins. It’s only five minutes long but it’s already very interesting. They aren’t messing around with that “Origins” bit; this part doesn’t begin, as one might expect, with Justin Roiland’s creation of the short that would later go on to become Rick and Morty.

Instead, it’s about Roiland’s first creative ventures into video production with his friends in his hometown. Simultaneously, it goes into co-creator Dan Harmon’s improv comedy origins and the genesis of Channel101.com, the monthly film festival/makeshift internet TV network he created with his friend, director and artist Rob Schrab. Roiland and his pals caught wind of the site and began to submit animations to it, which is how he and Harmon first crossed paths.

As someone who’s been a fan of Harmon and Roiland’s from back when they were just making goofy crap for the internet to enjoy, this Origins series is already shaping up to be, in part, a cool insight into pre-YouTube web-video comedy, filled with loads of standard def footage of a number of ridiculous short-form series, many of which (Laser Fart, Reporters, The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations, 2 Girls, 1 Cup: The Show, and Water and Power to name a few) are still worth checking out today.

More as new parts are released!