Rick and Morty Creators Want You to Record Season 3 Commentary

Watch a video and then donate some money and maybe hang out with the creators and eat your beloved sauce!

You thought Rick and Morty was done for the next three or so years, but you were wrong! A brand-new, beautifully animated scene was released today to support the show’s contest/fundraising campaign with Omaze.

If you go to that link, you can donate some cash that will put you in the running to be flown out to LA to record DVD commentary for Rick and Morty Season 3 alongside creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roland over a meal of, you guessed it, McNuggets and Szechuan Sauce! That’s right! It’s that stupid sauce you love so much, Morty! Hang out with the creators of your favorite show and gorge your sloppy face on that nasty glop! Gross!

Anyway, as mentioned, Harmon and Roiland made a whole new scene, complete with commentary, to give you an idea of what the recording experience will be like. Enjoy this beauteous, definitively canon scene in which it’s revealed that (SPOILER!) Mr. Poopybutthole is actually an adult Meeseeks. Whaaaaa!!!!!!???

The more money you donate to Omaze, the more chances you have to win the big commentary with the sauce prize! Also, all the money goes to Planned Parenthood, you know, that place that gives a lot of women healthcare? You know, women, like the ones who write Rick and Morty? 

Give them money and you may get your chance to submerge your head into a bucket of Szechuan Sauce and then scream and scream like the grotesque sauce demon you are, ruining the season three DVD commentary in the process.

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