Rick and Morty Claymation Episodes Send Up Classic Sci-Fi Movies

Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures are claymation tributes to classic science fiction movies.

Rick and Morty Claymation Non-Canonical Adventures

You’re in luck, you little whiner! Rick and Morty are back! In clay form!

Adult Swim tapped Lee Hardcastle—who you may know as the guy who made that really horrific Simpsons Claymation couch gag where they all suffer terribly graphic deaths—to make a handful of mid-commercial Adult Swim IDs—you know, those little videos that remind you what channel you’re watching? As such, they’re really short; the longest one clocks in at just over 20 seconds.

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But they look great! And Justin Roiland pitched in to do Rick and Morty’s voices, of course.

Each video is a Rick and Morty’d version of a movie scene—usually stuff that falls into the sci-fi/horror genre. If I’m not mistaken, the lines in all these scenes are taken pretty much verbatim (except character names have been swapped out with Rick and Morty’s names).

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This is the tamest of the videos. I haven’t seen Ex Machina, but, hey, I get it!

Things get a little creepier with this parody of a scene from The Thing. I haven’t seen The Thing and feel I probably should [Editor’s Note: Yes, you totally should…holy moley, do you know which site you write for?!? – Mike] but, hey, I think I get it!

For my money (note: watching these videos did not actually cost me any money), this parody of a scene from David Cronenberg’s The Fly is the best of the bunch.

This is probably because Rick and Morty has already famously dipped its toe into Cronenberg’s nasty aesthetic, so it fits really well. Also, that fly transformation looks pretty killer animated clay-style.

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Everyone saw The Fly. But not me! I never saw The Fly! I’ve only seen part of The Fly and it gave me the pukes, but I for sure get this one! [Editor’s Note: (sigh) I give up. I got nothing. – Mike]

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids isn’t that horrific (though that scene with the ant dying is pretty messed up, man), but it’s still sci-fi, I guess, so here we are. I’ve seen this one. I get it.

Phew! I’ve seen this one. It’s Star Trek! I love the computer from Star Trek! Nah, I’m just joshin’ ya. Anyway, I think Rick being slotted into the role of Hal 9000 is a pretty inspired idea. It’s too bad not all that much actually happens here, but, what do you want, it’s only a network ident bumper.

I recognize this one too! I’d know a Tron parody any day! Ah, the infamous eye-squishing violence of Tron. That last shot of the clay lady standing there with the gun is hilariously cheesy.

I haven’t seen Poltergeist. This is a good one though. Clown Rick is very scary. How come all of these are about Rick killing Morty?

Re-Animator, eh? That’s right, I haven’t seen it. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Why did I hire this guy?] Am I a bad person? [EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes.] Morty gets some revenge. Pretty good.

Okay, cool, I’ve seen this too. It almost looks like Rick will save Morty in this one, but no such luck. This ident was a lot better and took far less of my life away than Alien: Covenant did. Holy moley, what a crappy movie. Oh, I’m a suspicious android, how about you wander through my spooky cave alone with me and look inside this alien egg? Yeah, that makes sense.

An E.T. parody where E.T. Rick’s self-destructive alcoholism has a direct, negative impact on Morty? That actually makes for a pretty perfect reimagining of the show’s main conceit.

Cool stuff! I like how Meeseeks, Birdperson, and Mr. Poopybutthole are in Rick’s crew. Rick drinking milk kind of just looks like he’s bringing a huge marshmallow to his lips, though.

Sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t be so critical. It’s neat. Good synth.

Guess what movie I haven’t seen? That’s right, this one! But I’ve seen plenty of parodies of it. I know what’s going on! I have every right to write for this website, House of Nerds, or whatever it’s called.

[Editor’s note: sorry, sorry…we’re trying to delete him…]

This one I feel bad about, okay? I keep meaning to finish seeing Gremlins. I’ve only ever caught bits and pieces on TV. At least I’ve seen the far superior Troll and Troll 2 though!

Holy moley! Doing that Matrix bullet time effect in stop-motion ain’t no small feat! That’s a CG bullet and sky in the background but, hey, let’s cut them some slack. This 15 seconds of animation probably took like a month to make.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen this. I literally grew up a few blocks from the fire house. It was my favorite cartoon growing up! My favorite character is the gorilla!

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Okay, I guess I’ll see you next time when they put out another batch of these things! You can’t do without my insightful critiques. See you next time, right here on Cabin of Dorks!

[Editor’s note: I resign.]