Rick and Morty: Adult Swim Bringing the Rickmobile Your Way

Buy Rick and Morty stuff from a suggestively posed Rick car. Sexy stuff!

Adult Swim’s unique approach to marketing has now resulted in a promotional road trip for Rick and Morty. The “Don’t Even Trip Road Trip” (pretty good name, I must say) sees a truck, the Rickmobile, making stops throughout most of the country, though skipping some of the more boring states that nobody likes, as well as, it seems, Colorado, even though they totally like to party there.

The Rickmobile, shaped like a giant Rick on his hands and knees—submissive and open to love from both sides—is actually a pop-up shop selling exclusive Rick and Morty merch that, if you buy a whole lot of, and create a great pile to submerge yourself in, may or may not protect you from impending nuclear war. No guarantees but we will reach out to Adult Swim about the nuclear war scenario and keep you posted.

Objectively the best thing about the Rickmobile is that whoever is driving it has to have Rick’s ass hanging over their head at all times. Also, anyone who gets stuck driving behind this thing must face Rick staring into their soul. Check back here for the latest updates on accidents caused by drivers getting psyched out by the Rickmobile.

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You can find out when the Rickmobile will be terrorizing your town by checking the website here.